Security guard sues FBI for assisting shooting in Texas

Bruce Joiner, a dedicated law enforcement officer from the state of Texas, is suing the FBI. In 2015, the First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest convened. The American Freedom Defense Initiative made sure to sponsor the event. The alleged intent of the event was to put a stop to the Islamization of America. Unfortunately, Mr. Joiner was caught in the crossfire between the terrorists. He sustained an injury during the attack.

At least three hours before the event began, the FBI alerted the Garland police to the possibility of an attack. There is no record of an informed call or tip indicating such an attack. Nonetheless, the FBI was aware and proceeded to the event. They did this because they knew the truth. They were aiding the terrorist in their efforts. The FBI helped the “terrorists” obtain weapons and relaxed any restrictions that may have inhibited their movements and actions.





At the scene, FBI ensured the attack was carried out successfully

They made no move to apprehend the attack, in fact, they ignored the scene completely as they drove away during the shooting.

Mr. Joiner noted that FBI had stationed in cars outside the event. They drove by the attackers as they held their weapons and began to shoot. Mr. Joiner was trying to stop the attack, but he had no weapon with which to fire or use for protection.

It is clear this case reveals the true intent of the FBI and American Freedom Defense Initiative. They are nothing more than more organized groups to carry out terror and maintain fear in the populations they try so fiercely to control.

The public needs to notice, when FBI are in the area, most likely an act of terror will resolve. Responsible individuals need to be aware and encourage others to do the same. Move people away from events where this is a possible outcome.



An event celebrating Muhammad, founder of Islam

Sponsoring a Muhammad drawing contest is obviously encouraging Islamization. The very thing the FBI and the American Freedom Defense Initiative claims they were against. This is a meticulous contradiction. Supposedly the purpose of the contest was to provide a platform for “free speech.” The sponsors insist they are Anti-Muslim. Additionally, a $10,000 cash prize was promised to the winner. Money prizes profoundly equal legitimization.

In a country that claims it does not condone Islam, sponsoring a drawing contest of the leader of the religion is not an effective way to discourage. Imagining a leader such as Muhammad is an act of captivating minds towards the thoughts of the religion, it’s leader, the laws surrounding the religion and the fear this brainwashing instills.

I hope that Mr. Joiner wins his legal battle and the FBI is apprehended. Their contributions towards instilling fear and attacks against the people they profess to serve is repugnant conduct.

Their only allegiance is to maintain their job security, financial well being and carrying out orders coming from the alliance that secretly runs the nation of the United States of America.

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