Fascinating Model Venus Project Builds A Brilliant Bold New Life

New life model proposed to make the old obsolete


Venus project model could change the world

In early 1995 a new project was established. The Venus Project advocacy organization has a non-for profit status, and its foundation is public advocacy of the use of common sense and ethical standards principle.  Specifically, the model project understands the criminal ruling system and is attempting to change it by building a new model to make the other obsolete. Clearly, the system we live by today is not serving us nor our planet. The time has come to wake up and change.


The Venus Project has architected a model living design

This includes the most advanced engineering and architecture possible. It also incorporates new socialist system where people will have everything they need. Greed, control, coercion, stealing, murder, fraud, etc., will no longer play a part in the new society. There will simply be no need. Nevertheless, everyone will be provided for, and everyone will share and be concerned for each other. Although this may sound a bit unrealistic, if you research how we are contributing to our own destruction maybe, you might be inspired to join forces with The Venus Project.

The Project has a well thought out a plan for eco-friendly homes and other sources of energy that will aid the environment instead of depleting it.



Geo-Engineering is one of the studies included in the project’s plans. It is the term used to describe the criminal governing bodies’ systematic way of destroying the earth and everything on it. Documented for decades is the decay of all flora, fauna and human life, the ozone layer, and oceans.




Planes intentionally spray poisonous chemicals throughout the atmosphere. These chemicals are increasing the bio-metals coating the earth. The results are trapping more heat within the earth’s atmosphere than it deflects. Additionally, it shreds the ozone layer, stops the hydrological cycle (precipitation), kills all matter and life, poisons our waters and soils, and the oceans are increasing in their acidity.

The Venus Project would also like to inform the public about the slow poison of electromagnetic radiation. It is harming the environment and all life on our planet. That includes smart phones, microwaves, and Wi-Fi just to name a few.


All this equals less oxygen

The criminal governing bodies solution to this would be to sell air so you can breathe. Additionally, they would rate the oxygen so they could label the quality of air. Some would get pure oxygen while others did not. It would all depend on the price you paid.

The Venus Project is offering another alternative. Just as the human body can cure itself when given a chance under the right circumstances, mother earth and nature knows how and can heal itself. Meanwhile, the constant bombardment of toxicity and lower levels of precipitation brought on synthetically must stop.



Methane is a huge contributor to this problem. Many of the bio-metals released into the air are increasing methane levels. Methane is making holes in the ozone layer. Moreover, from deep within our oceans, methane bubbles rise to the surface creating disturbances in the underwater ecosystems as well as contribute to the sinking of ships. With the rise of the methane from the bottom of the seas, a whole is created that throws a boat off it’s current. The loss of current creates a vacuum and the ship sinks to the bottom untouched.

The culmination of the life’s work of Jacque Fresco is this sustainable redesign of our society. A world community where technology, science, ethics, and values are redistributed within our social system. Therefore, the primary concern is the maximization of the quality of our lives, standing in opposition to a system based on profit.

Roxanne Meadows is the architect and technical illustrator of the model. She has invested her professionalism into the Venus Project. Location of its base is in Venus, Florida where a twenty-one-acre experiment center is located. Roxanne notes the push to put an end to the ongoing problems that exist internationally has its root in an unknowing society.

What we need to understand, is the Earth and all its resources is common to all the earth’s living beings


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