Famous People Who Have Consulted the Zodiac

Famous People Who Have Consulted the Zodiac
Famous People Who Have Consulted the Zodiac

There have been many famous politicians, business people, and celebrities who regularly have consulted the zodiac to make decisions about their life, or the even an entire nation.


It may surprise you, but many famous people make major decisions about their lives only after they consulted the zodiac. Politicians have altered world history after receiving an astrologer’s advice. Billionaires have used their horoscope to save themselves from falling victim to stock market crashes.

Let’s take a look at which famous figures have trusted in the stars and planets to guide them in their lives:


J. Piermont Morgan – Sun Sign Aries

J. Pierpont Morgan was initially skeptical about consulting an astrologer about his business ventures. Nevertheless, astrologer Evangeline Adams eventually convinced him to listen to her reading of his horoscope. From that point onward, he regularly consulted with Adams on the stock market, business, and politics. Allegedly, Morgan once said, “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do.


Napoleon Bonaparte – Sun Sign Leo

Napoleon Bonaparte is famed for never making a political move without first consulting an astrologer. Mlle. Lenormand advised him on when to go into battle, and Napoleon acted upon her advice every time, except once. It would be the occasion that he chose to ignore her advice that would trigger his final downfall. Lenormand also predicted when and where he would die, and also that Josephine would become Empress.


General Charles de Gaulle – Sun Sign Scorpio

The personal astrologer of General Charles de Gaulle likely changed the fate of modern France. De Gaulle avidly sought astrological consultation from Major Maurice Vasset, who had initially studied astrology while recuperating from a battle injury in 1940. Their relationship lasted around 25 years, and de Gaulle would not make any major decisions for the nation without consulting Vasset first.


Ronald Reagan – Sun Sign Aquarius

The White House was forced to admit in 1988 that the then President Ronald Reagan, under the encouragement of his wife Nancy, was consulting with astrologers. White House officials became concerned when the Reagans began using astrological predictions to influence major political decisions.



Famous People Who Have Consulted the Zodiac
Famous People Who Have Consulted the Zodiac


However, the Reagans felt convinced that consulting horoscopes was the safest plan of action for the nation. An astrologer had forewarned them about the attempted assassination of the President. The Reagans believe that her advice saved his life.

Ronald Reagan was not the first American President to consult the zodiac when deciding the fate of the United States. The second US President, John Adams, would not sign the Declaration of Independence until the astrologically recommended precise time and date transpired.


Diana, Princess of Wales – Sun Sign Cancer

Allegedly, Diana, Princess of Wales had an avid passion for all things mystical and spiritual. Her passion led her to consult with astrologer Penny Thornton during her 5th year of marriage to Prince Charles. The Princess had sought counsel with Thornton in regards to her unhappiness in her marriage. Thornton had already foreseen that the marriage would be difficult.


Madonna – Sun Sign Leo

Superstar Madonna admitted that she is an enthusiastic follower of astrology in an interview during the 90s. During the interview she revealed her depth of knowledge when she explained to the host that she was sun sign, Leo, Rising sign Aquarius and Moon sign Virgo. Madonna’s interest in all things mystical and spiritual escalated not long after when she became an avid follower of the Kabbalah Centre.


Carl Jung – Sun Sign Leo

Famed Psychiatrist Carl Jung was a student of Sigmund Freud, and also an ardent believer in astrology.  Jung would use astrology during his psychotherapy sessions with patients. He studied it so intensely that he introduced the concept of Synchronicity into the psychological lexicon. Jung believed that astrology existed on a level beyond coincidence, and his conversations with Albert Einstein only further cemented his convictions.

Additionally, Jung noticed how women’s menstrual cycles harmonized with the lunar cycles. He believed the moon did not literally provoke a woman to bleed each month. Instead, he claimed that rather than it being a coincidence, something deeper, which he named synchronicity, was involved.