Facts About World Bank Corruption You NEED To Know and How It Affects You (Video)

World Bank Corruption’s Deep Roots

Facts About World Bank Corruption You NEED To Know and How It Affects You
Facts About World Bank Corruption You NEED To Know and How It Affects You

The World Bank corruption controls the entire world

Not just the financing of projects to build capitalism and governments throughout the world. It is the controlling institution for every currency and the value of money. It controls all trade, and poverty throughout the world. Its roots grasp deep underground corruption like a weed. I found myself grasping the thorny leaves of this weed, desperately trying to pull it up and uncover the truth about the weed destroying the garden, which in this case symbolizes the whole world.

This International financial institution proclaims an interest in investing in the development of 3rd world nations and lending interest-free loans to middle and low-income countries. At least that is what they tell us. Their goal by the year 2030 is to decrease the number of people living on $1.25 per day to less than 3%.


World Bank believes this will foster income growth for every country

The monitor of all currencies, federal reserve and US regulators, the super entity which is the World Bank shares with many other state and federal banks the same people on the board of directors. This means that although several banks appear to have different origins, they are a conglomerate of the same bank, which is the World Bank.


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Introducing whistle blowers

However, many whistle blowers are bringing to light the truth about the World Bank and their overall agenda. Karen Hudes, a lawyer who was fired from the bank after more than twenty years of dedication, reveals in-depth details about the corruption and continued cover ups for which the bank is responsible.

Mrs. Hudes reveals how US credit rating agencies and the value of the dollar are enormously affected by the corrupt agenda. She notes how the stock market is just a big game and insider trading is the name of the game. She has received threats by CIA agents to back off from her target to reveal the corruption, but she insists she is not easily intimidated.

Additionally, John Perkins has experience in economics and traveling to countries in need. He admits to working in the field of “Predatory Capitalism.” He describes his job as one where he approaches leaders of countries and makes them two possible offers. One is to build businesses and infrastructures that will generate revenue later to be skimmed of profits by the World Bank which funded the projects. The second is to be pursued by a mercenary with life threatening consequences.


The bank is aware of the less than adequate circumstances of communities in these countries

The poverty and violence are obvious. However, the bank is not interested in the citizens, only the government, its currency and collecting interest on investments.

Karen Hudes worked as a lawyer for World Bank. Her job was and is still to uphold the laws ruling international banking and to monitor audits making sure the numbers add up. What she found were discrepancies in accounting. Financial records did not make sense nor was money flowing in the right direction.


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