Exclusive Intimate Revelations from Australia’s Top Glamour Model 2017, Jasmin Shojai

Jasmin Shojai, newly crowned as Australia's Top Glamour Model for 2017, shares exclusive intimate revelations

Exclusive Intimate Revelations from Australia's Top Glamour Model 2017, Jasmin Shojai
Exclusive Intimate Revelations from Australia's Top Glamour Model 2017, Jasmin Shojai

Australia’s newly crowned Top Glamour Model for 2017, beautiful Jasmin Shojai, has granted us an exclusive interview where she shares her most intimate revelations


Jasmin Shojai’s crowning as Australia’s Top Glamour Model for 2017 sees her yet again elevated to more success within the industry, so recently we took the opportunity to gather some exclusive and intimate revelations from her. We know this is just the beginning of a phenomenal career that lays ahead for Shojai, as the demand for her talents is high.


Shojai is just as intelligent and empathetic as she is sexy. She truly is the full package. Fall in love with her now as she shares with you her intimate thoughts on her career, her painful past, and dreams of the future.


What values are most important to you, and how do you infuse them into your work?

I take my career very seriously. For me in life honesty is one of the biggest values for me, I incorporate that into my career as well. Being professional is something I have always done since day 1. Being professional means, you take responsibility and be sensible in your work field; you respect other professionals in the industry. And while saying that I always put in 200% effort when it comes to my work.


What aspects of your career make you feel most grateful?

Since I started my modeling career, I have enjoyed every moment of it. I am very grateful for all the amazing experiences I have had as well as having the opportunity to work with some of the best photographers in the industry. I am also very grateful to have appeared in many globally known magazines.


Exclusive Intimate Revelations from Australia's Top Glamour Model 2017, Jasmin Shojai
Exclusive Intimate Revelations from Australia’s Top Glamour Model 2017, Jasmin Shojai


Hugh Hefner was one of the leaders of the sexual revolution, who propelled the world out of puritanical stagnation. Sadly, he recently passed away. If you could have met him for dinner before he died, what would you have liked to have told him about the monumental legacy he left behind in the world?

It would have been such an honor to meet Hugh Hefner. I would tell him how he and the Playboy brand really has inspired me in my career. And even before I started modeling.

He has created such an amazing global legacy. I believe he has inspired many models including myself, to believe that expressing your sexuality, your body, can be one of the most amazing things. Playboy really empowers me as a model. It has been an honor so far for Playboy Poland to feature me. I am really looking forward to working with more Playboy magazines in the future.


Glamour modeling often gets wrongly confused with pornography; however, when put side by side they are clearly worlds apart. The recently deceased Hugh Hefner often had to explain the difference to the unknowing public. How would you define the difference?

Glamour modeling is a pretty big industry. And often you can pose in lingerie, swimwear and even pose as far as implied nude. A lot of glamour models do pose nude and topless, and often that can lead to or land in adult/pornography websites or magazines.

I suppose that is where people get it wrong, and they think glamour modeling is all to do with the adult industry. It technically isn’t, and not all glamour models pose nude. It is a choice, and everyone has their own path to where they want to take their career and brand.


A glamour model brings a deep level of soul and intimacy to the viewer – what connection are you endeavoring to make with whoever sees your images?

Depending on the concept and style of the shoot, I like to express myself and emotions accordingly with the entire concept, when I am on set. Besides expressing myself I like to show different emotions, and I like to send out some sort of a message, or mood.

I do want to be able to connect with my fans, at the same time it is amazing when fans really are inspired and love your images. I love hearing and seeing positive comments and feedback. In all the photoshoots I do, I feel empowered and unique, and that definitely shows in the photos. I hope that when people see my images, they feel the same way about them.


How do you see the role of bringing sensuality, soul, and intimacy to the world as a method for making the world a better place?

For me being a model is not just a job, but it is about expressing who I am. Showing my fans and the world who I am and, in a way, how I am through my photos and videos. I would say that can inspire many people across the world.

That could be through the art/creativity behind the photos. Or, it could be by inspiring them to be who they want to be, embracing their uniqueness. I hope to contribute to making the world a better place throughout my journey.


We read recently in the Australian press how you escaped a domestic violence relationship, and subsequently regained your personal power by pursuing your career. What are three ways in which your world has been transformed from being a victim to becoming a triumphant survivor?

The situation definitely made me a ‘stronger person’. I wouldn’t wish any sort of bad experience on anyone. Ultimately, I am glad that I got out of domestic violence.

I also consider myself a brave individual. It opened my eyes as well, in the sense that it made me realize how important life really is. I guess you only have one chance to really chase your dreams and achieve your goals.

And of course that there are harmful people out there.


Exclusive Intimate Revelations from Australia’s Top Glamour Model 2017, Jasmin Shojai
Exclusive Intimate Revelations from Australia’s Top Glamour Model 2017, Jasmin Shojai


What advice would you give to any man or woman who feels stuck in a cycle of domestic violence (whether it be physical, emotional, mental or verbal – or a mixture of these)?

Definitely, seek the support you need. There is a difference between an argument and an incident. Getting local support from authorities and police in emergencies is important. You should never feel guilty about seeking the help you need. Everyone has the right to be safe and live a healthy life.


What advice would you give to anyone who is coming out of what they feel is an impossible situation, and wishes to turn things around to success, as you have done?

It can be really hard and more than likely you will need support. You will need the people who care about you around you, especially during difficult times. Never give up on yourself or your dreams.

Another saying is “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Life is not always smooth, but there is always a possibility to make things better. That is my honest advice to anyone having a difficult time or coming out of a bad situation.

Who is the everyday Jasmin Shojai? What music are you listening to right now?

The everyday Jasmin Shojai, is a pretty peaceful person. I listen to a variety of music, including the latest hits. I am a huge fan of ‘Deep House‘.


What would the perfect day for you consist of?

I like going to the gym to stay fit Almost every day I practice my poses as well as my catwalk skills.

When I am not focusing on training or modeling, I like to go out during the day and catch up with friends for coffee. I am a bit of a shopping addict too.

I like nightlife, but I don’t often go out unless I receive an invitation to a VIP event or special occasion.  Mostly, I am a pretty relaxed person.

Who have you enjoyed working with most recently? What defines a good “shoot” for you?

A good shoot is a good experience of having a great, and professional team on board. I can definitely say it has been an honor to work with many talented industry professionals during my journey. It was a pleasure to work with Saxegaard Photography in my recent photoshoot in Sydney.

Who do you dream of working with in the future?

There are a lot of talented professionals that I would like to work with one day. Brian B Hayes is an amazing photographer; I really like his work. And it would be an amazing experience to work with him.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years time?

I see myself quite successful. I am looking to get into acting soon as well. So that is something I could see myself doing in 20 years time. I might have my own TV show by then, although I am also looking at acting in movies as well.

If you are consistently afraid of your partner, and they have been abusive towards you, please contact one of the following domestic violence hotlines:

  • Australia: 1800 737 732 (for men: 1300 78 99 78)
  • United States: 1800 799 7233 (for men: 512 267 7233)
  • United Kingdom: 0808 2000 247 (for men: 0808 801 0327)
  • Canada:  1 866 863 0511 (for men: 310 1818)


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