OMG! Evidence of Aliens found in Nazca, Peru 2017 (Video)

Evidence of Aliens found in Nazca, Peru 2017
Evidence of Aliens found in Nazca, Peru 2017

A new video was released displaying evidence of a three fingered aliens.

A cave in NazcaPeru, revealed several mummified alien bodies. A powdery substance was covering every on of the aliens. The unveiling was caught on video for the world to witness.

The first body tested was named Maria. Experiments conducted on Maria are ongoing. One of the tests operated was a DNA test. The DNA test revealed she was female. It’s of no consequence that a DNA test did not acknowledge whether Maria was human or something else. That will be determined at a later time, according to the research team.

Also discovered at the same site, were smaller mummies. The same investigators assume the smaller mummies were Maria’s babies.


Who are the researchers?

Dr. Kototkov is using his knowledge of a type of electricity to influence others about human light. He has an online experimental course in the study of the human light system. Dr. Kototkov’s course will cost you around $1,000.00. Remember it is an experimental course based on a light system.

This light system is established on a corona discharge. A corona discharge is a type of electrical charge or discharge. The charge is brought on by the ionization of something like air or a liquid that becomes electrically charged by conduction.

Next, we have Jamie Maussan, an experienced Mexican journalist. He retains a long list of impressive accomplishments in the field of journalism. Moreover, he also is very dedicated to various social fields. Mr. Maussan has proof that UFOs are real. Apparently, this video will add to his short list of proofs.


What we have here is a compliance of Russian and Mexican con artists who want to make a buck.

We can’t forget about Jesus Zalce Benitez. According to the report from Nazca, Mr. Benitez is a medical examiner and forensic anthropologist who earned a degree from the Mexico Institute of Forensic Science. However, the Mexico Institute of Forensic Sciences, he supposedly attended, can’t be found.

We can’t forget about Mr. Michael Aseev, Ph.D. Russia. According to alien findings report, he is the Head of Genetic Analysis Department at Russia Academy of Science. A simple google search revealed he is only in the alien video.

Nevertheless, besides the list of accomplishments in their fields of research, they all could win an academy award in acting. At least the expression on their faces displays the right amount of surprise and curiosity.


The actors get an A plus in my books.

Who knows if there is life on other planets? Consequently, anything is possible but in the end, not likely. I think our researchers deserve a round of applause for all efforts and a job well done. In spite of their efforts though, this video is more than inconclusive about aliens. The blatant use of plaster and the DNA test that only concludes the sex of Maria certainly proves this finding false.

Most likely when an alien comes to earth, they wouldn’t be mummified nor would they be dead.