Escape from Russian Hell – Real Hunger Games Allows Rape And Murder

Real Russian Hunger Games Allows Rape And Murder
Real Russian Hunger Games Allows Rape And Murder

The real life Russian “Hunger Games” is set to go to air in July 2017, and contestants risk rape or murder. Those who survive the grueling 9-month duration are set to share in a prize of $1.7 million cash.

Game2: Winter” is the brainchild of Russian millionaire Yevgeny Pyatkovsy. He has insisted all participants sign a waiver. if anyone ends up killed, maimed or raped, this will protect the TV program from legal action.


Who Will Be Risking Their Lives?

15 men and 15 women will find themselves stranded in the Siberian wilderness. The will create a makeshift home on an island in the Tomsk region. They then are set to face a winter that will probably drop to minus 50C, 6 months into the transmission of the show.

The 30 contestants will face harsh conditions and vicious wild bears. They are only permitted a standard issued knife and are not allowed any other weapons.

Currently, participants are still going through the selection process. Anyone can still apply to take part, and they must first pass a questionnaire process. Fans will vote in who they most favor from a narrowed down portion of 120.

Precisely who will become stranded in July will be announced on June 1. Anyone can apply. Organizers claim that applicants who are survivalist experts will not necessarily be at an advantage. They state that those who will succeed will do so by instinct, not instruction.


Preparation for Survival

Viewers can first get a glimpse of participants when they go into training on June 15. First, they will go through medical checks. Then afterward will undergo preparation for what lays ahead with Special Forces experts.

It is during this time that fans can vote participants into 5 groups of 6 people. These groups will initially work together to survive. Contestants receive 600 kg of equipment and personal cameras which they will wear.


Real Russian Hunger Games Allows Rape And Murder
Real Russian Hunger Games Allows Rape And Murder


The first project will be house building. This is crucial to the survival of contestants. The rules are strict: If you don’t have a house by winter, you will get kicked off the show.


Escape from Russian Hell

The environment they enter could kill them: if other members of the show don’t lose their minds and kill them first. The entire area will contain no camera crews or production members. Instead, 2000 cameras will be posted around the 9 km square island.

If anyone decides to leave, they can never return. Devices that link to satellites will be worn by participants, which they can create an emergency alert from. Whether rescue teams can get to them in time, is another issue.

As sexual activity is not forbidden from the show, it is possible that a woman could find herself pregnant. In this case, she could choose to remove herself from the program or be free to remain. Pyatkovsy told the media that after the show, the resulting baby would be broadcast for viewers to see.


All Crime Permitted

The media responded with shock to the announcement that the rules include allowing any activities that the contestants wish to participate in. They can drink, smoke, take drugs. They can fight, rape, or even commit murder. The show will take no steps to prevent anything.

Nevertheless, contestants have been given a warning. Russian authorities will step in if and when there is a breach in the laws of the Russian Federation. If anyone commits murder or rapes anyone, police will charge and imprison them in Russia. The reality TV show will not be held accountable, however.


International Fan Interaction

The show is set to be broadcast internationally, with 5 countries showing interest in running it. Participants from any country in the world are also permitted to apply to take part.

International fans can vote on contests that the participants must take part in. They will also vote on gifts and supplies that will be allocated to the group or contestant of their choice.


Real Russian Hunger Games Allows Rape And Murder
Real Russian Hunger Games Allows Rape And Murder


An example of a contest, suggested by Pyatkovsy, was that participants would receive news over a loudspeaker that prisoners from a nearby prison had escaped and infiltrated the island. Fans will interact with participants in order round up the alleged criminals.


Contestant Hopefuls

So what sort of person would apply to take part in this insane and deadly reality TV show? Below is a small selection of bios from crazy and hopeful participants:


Paulo Pereira

Paulo Pereira is a 26-year-old Graphic Designer from Portugal. From his bio, he doesn’t appear to be much of the outdoor type, though he states he likes adventure. Multi-lingual, he says he loves reading and playing chess. Will his love of Celtic Mythology help him in the vicious Siberian wilderness?




Olga Ott

Olga Ott is a 40-year-old Housewife from Germany. She was originally born in Siberia and feels her nostalgia for the land of her birth will help her survive the harsh environment. She feels her sarcasm and sense of humor will keep her sane. She claims she is hard working and intelligent and capable of seeing the 9 months through to the end.


Yuri Buga

Yuri Buga is an unemployed 42-year-old Russian. He appears to feel that he has nothing to lose by risking his life in the Siberian wilderness. He has an army background and feels this will give him an advantage. He states that he has a focused determination to win the final cash prize.


Kyunney Sidorova

Kyunney Sidorova is a 22-year-old firefighter who lives in Russia. She clearly has experience in dangerous and harsh environments. Could this give her an extra edge to survive in the taiga? She also loves sports and participating in teamwork. She feels she will bring a bright and crazy element to any group she works together with.

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