Elvis Presley’s “Lost” Jet Sold at Auction

Elvis Presley’s “Lost” Jet Sold at Auction
Elvis Presley’s “Lost” Jet Sold at Auction

The “Lost” jet owned by Elvis Presley and his father Vernon has just been sold at auction.


The “Lost” jet once owned by Presley and his father has recently sold at auction for incredibly less than what one would expect for such sought after memorabilia. The initial estimate for sale was in the range of $2-3.5 million. However, this aircraft, which Presley’s had designed according to his personal specifications, only sold for $430,000.


Elvis Presley's "Lost" Jet Sold at Auction
Elvis Presley’s “Lost” Jet Sold at Auction


Fans of Presley are already aware of the other two private jets he had in his possession. Currently, they sit at Graceland for public viewing by tourists. Presley also designed the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II to the height of luxury.

Bargain Elvis memorabilia

Celebrity memorabilia can be a very lucrative way to make money, as rare items can fetch high prices from eager and avid collectors. This is especially the case with memorabilia that once belonged to, or closely associated with, the King of Rock and Roll.  Many are surprised that this private jet sold for such a small figure.

It’s not like the jet doesn’t contain pertinent memories and items that once belonged to Presley. The interiors are luxurious, and the plane has never been refurbished since Presley, and his father last used it during their lives. In other words, this jet is a poignant time capsule of the world of this rock and roll icon, frozen in time. For this reason, many are surprised how little it sold for.



The plane interior contains luscious velvet red seating, with matching red shag carpeting, and the wood-work is gold-tone. Even the private toilet possesses it’s original red velvet cushioned cover. There is no engine within the jet, so it remains unflyable. GWS Auctions, who sold the aircraft, have explained that the plane will need to be taken apart for shipping and reassembled upon delivery.

Other memorabilia connected with Elvis has fetched extremely high prices. And fans are usually willing to get their hands on items that many would consider most peculiar. Just this year an annotated copy of a favorite religious book owned by Presley, entitled The Impersonal Life, fetched $8,125 at auction. Auctioneers initially expected it to sell for around $3,000.


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Unknown owner

For 35 years the “lost” jet has been privately owned. The aircraft has been sitting in state and gathering dust on an unused runway in New Mexico.

So far, the new owner has refused to disclose their identity. Therefore the ultimate destination for this interesting part of rock and roll history is not known. We imagine that fans would like to see the jet join the other two planes on display at Graceland.

In 2015 fans were in an uproar when the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II were put up for sale. Fans were horrified that the Elvis Presley Museum threatened to have them removed from the facility. However, fan pressure ensured that they would stay. Nevertheless, fans appear to be quiet on the issue of this particular private jet that their rock and roll idol clearly loved a great deal.