OMG! Electronic Cigarettes Destroy Lungs

OMG! Electronic Cigarettes Destroy Lungs

Electronic Cigarettes Destroy Lungs
Electronic Cigarettes Destroy Lungs

What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarettes are also known as e-cigarettes. Have you ever wondered what is in an e-cigarette? Can they really destroy your lungs?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made it public on May 5th, that it is increasing its authority and influence over the use of electronic cigarettes.

At the start of August 2016, the FDA will apply and legislate regulations to the bipartisan Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act. This is due to its association with the production and sale of electronic cigarettes.


Another authority demanding to bring electronic cigarettes under regulation by the FDA is the American Lung Association. They state that this action is necessary due to the rise in serious health issues affecting young people. Their changing lifestyle choices appear to tolerate smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are being seen as a medicine, by means of utilizing these devices to wean off or prevent the addiction to, standard tobacco cigarettes which are available in the regular marketplace.


What is an E-cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes Destroy Lungs - e-cigarette causes health problems
Electronic Cigarettes Destroy Lungs – e-cigarette causes health problems


They are popularly known as e-cigarettes, the short name for electronic cigarettes. There are various types of electronic products available in the market. For example, e-pipes, e-pens, the e-cigar and the e-hookah.

These incorporate what is known as ENDS – electronic nicotine delivery systems. The FDA claims that e-cigarettes are a device that enables a choice to alternatively smoke via a vaporizer, which has nicotine or other ingredients incorporated into it.

Both conventional and e-cigarettes cause health problems. They have an impact on the lifestyle of the person who utilizes them to smoke. E-cigarettes run on electricity and use a warming element to heat the liquid contained within a refillable cylinder. That then emits a chemical filled aerosol, which is known as “vapor”.


The primary component of an ecigarette is the e-liquid, that is situated in the cartridge.

To design an e-liquid, nicotine is obtained from tobacco and combined with a base.


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