We all want the best possible future for our children; however, the inability of the education system to provide evidence-based teaching methods is destroying our kid’s minds


Despite the shocking revelations made by Dr. George Land in his groundbreaking longitudinal creativity study half a century ago, the education system refuses to stop destroying the minds of our children. Indeed, education reform campaigners such as Sir Ken Robinson have attempted, for decades, to change the system, but to no avail.



Instead, the establishment pays lip service praise to these ideas, but then immediately goes back to sleep so that nothing changes. Of course, if too many creative geniuses are on the loose, the world might change for the better, and then the wealthy elite might have to share their obscene amounts of hoarded stolen cash with others.


Land’s research shockingly uncovered the truth: We are all born creative geniuses

However, as we grow, we education system squeezes our minds in a soul-destroying experience. Consequently, and tragically, this system murders our creative genius. When Land performed his NASA-standard creativity test on children, 98% 4-5-year-olds proved to be creative geniuses!

However, after performing the same test on these children five years later, Land discovered that now only 30% had retained any of this creative genius. Was the human brain deteriorating at such a tender age? Or was something more sinister at play?

Indeed, Land continued the study throughout the years, and the results were depressingly predictable. By the time these children had reached the age of 15, only 12% measured as creative geniuses. What was the education system doing to these precious minds? Ultimately, the most horrific revelation occurred when Land tested adults. Sadly, only 2% measured as having any creative genius!

Ironically, neither Land nor Robinson reveals anything new about how the education system suffocates the human mind. Maria Montessori was already campaigning for a revolution in education at the turn of last century. She set up an alternative school system that many children still benefit from until this day.



Maria Montessori and Casa dei Bambini

Montessori’s system was so profound that she demonstrated how children, who in 1901, many regarded as lost causes, could have their minds nurtured in such a way that they could pass exams set for “normal” children. Her methods proved incredibly successful for “regular” children when she opened her first Casa dei Bambini. Swiftly, international interest increased, and her alternative schools spread throughout the globe.

Nevertheless, despite Montessori’s profound success, and Land’s groundbreaking research, modern education systems remain archaic. Parents wishing to give their children a nurturing education within the Montessori system, or similar methods such as Steiner and the Democratic model, have to pay private fees.

Sadly, this means that a good education is only available to the elite and therefore this ultimately defeats the purpose. Unless the public push to dismantle the mainstream education system, and demand that these child-nurturing education systems are adopted, the future is still dismal for most children.


When the government provides an education system for the masses, it does so to benefit its own interests: population control

The system’s purpose is to create exhausted taxpayers, overworked individuals incapable of rising up to question anything. Indeed, asking questions is integral to creative and divergent thinking, and those in control perceive anyone questioning their motives and actions as a threat.



Even in traditional private education, school administrators are keen to produce specimens that will perpetuate the hierarchy. However, in those environments, money will ultimately talk. Of course, governments established the education system during the industrial revolution to produce factory workers.

The principal focus is to break the spirits of the masses to have them believe that their worth is nothing more than being part of a production line. And those in private education would rule above them, perpetuating the channel of wealth upward to the elite.



In this way, one can see how capitalism and socialism are so very similar: neither are interested in your individual potential

Humans are viewed as mechanical cogs in the wealth generating machine. Consequently, whether a nation’s government is left-leaning or right-leaning, neither side makes efforts to change the status quo in education. The wealth channel works efficiently, as far as both sides are concerned. History proves that no one with power is interested in fairly sharing the wealth.



How can we preserve our children’s creative genius?

The education system is stifling divergent, or creative thinking by bombarding it with an obsession with convergent thinking. Divergent thinking asks “what if?” and convergent thinking responds “because we can’t.

Because these education systems are obsessed with league tables, a hierarchy of subjects, and creating a false supremacy to some talents and not others, parents need to reiterate to their children how this is inherently not true.

Parents are the primary voice in a young child’s life, and reminding them that there is a bigger picture to their life and that the education system is just a part of this, could help the child question their experiences if they must be within it.



Encouraging a child’s divergent thinking will remind them that their curiosity, ideas, questions, and thoughts are valid. Valid despite a school system that tries to choke that curiosity, and silence their questions.


Is it possible to reignite an adult’s creative genius?

Many people may feel profound grief after learning that the education system stole their creative genius when they were young and vulnerable. But is all lost? Depending on your age, you may feel as though you have wasted most of your life. Indeed, you may think that an evil system imprisoned your precious mind in the most sinister of ways.

Because convergent thinking is a set of boundaries, you may initially feel frightened to step beyond them. The education system may have lied to you and told you that crossing those boundaries is dangerous – even deadly. Understandably, you may wonder who and what you can trust!

However, what if you feel your life is stagnant?  What if you feel those borders have meant that your life has not even been your own? Indeed, what do you have to lose? Luckily, just like the example of NASA, many employers recognize that creative thinkers will move their companies forward.


But why even sell your creative soul to a corporation?

That these corporations wish to awaken the divergent thinker in employees is a clue that crossing convergent thinking boundaries is not as dangerous as you first thought. In fact, your first step across the border of the unknown is questioning that which they have told you was impossible to dispute. Pick any idea that you previously thought was an immovable edifice. Throw some questions at it, look at it from new angles. Test those waters.

For example, essential questions that can break convergent thinking barriers include such things as “What if…?” and “I wonder what would happen if…?” or even “Why has this always been so…?” and “What is outside of this box…?



Another suggestion is to start journaling. This is a private way to explore new ideas when you feel that your new ideas could create you problems in the outside world. Many tools exist to help you expand your thinking. One very successful tool is mind mapping.


However, don’t feel that there is no hope!

But change does start with you, and your influence on your children. The education system need not suffocate you or your kids if you take efforts to provide plenty of creative room in which you may all breathe.


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