OMG! What On Earth is the Addictive Fidget Spinners Craze?

OMG! What On Earth is the Addictive Fidget Spinners Craze?
OMG! What On Earth is the Addictive Fidget Spinners Craze?

Fidget Spinners are the latest global craze that kids, and adults, find incredibly addictive.


This year’s global craze is the fidget spinner, and many people cannot understand what makes this little spinning toy so addictive. It is following in the footsteps of the yo yo, Rubik’s cube and loom bands.

Kids around the world currently feel obsessed with this simple toy that spins at super speeds. So widespread is this addiction in children and adults alike, YouTube music sensation Sickick recently used one to create a popular song.




Unlike previous fads from previous years and decades, some experts claim that the fidget spinner has added benefits. Supposedly, experts claim it is good for children with ADHD. Others even allege that there is scientific evidence that the toy also helps calm anxiety, even PTSD. However, as the fad has grown exponentially, many schools claim they do not cure these things. Teachers feel they are in fact a distraction, and instigate bans.




Scientific backing?

According to some neuroscientists, as described in a book called Fidget to Focus, by Roland Rotz and Sara D. Wright, fidgeting helps those who are struggling to concentrate. But this is not the experience that schools are having. Many teachers complain that the toy creates the precise distraction it is designed to prevent.

Nevertheless, there is no denying that the fidget spinner appears to be every kid’s obsession, in every corner of the globe. So how did this spinning toy become the latest fad? It seems like only yesterday that everyone was proclaiming the socialization benefits and addictive fun of Pokémon Go. Suddenly, a less technological simple spinning toy is tempting kids to put down their electronic devices.

If you are a parent, you have likely had your kids begging you to purchase for them a fidget spinner. Of course, you probably wonder why exactly they want such a simple toy. Especially since previous demands from recent generations of children have been for expensive, usually electronic items.

As the fidget spinner is so simple and relatively inexpensive, you may have given to your children’s request to buy them. Nevertheless, you may have felt left with nagging questions about to what your children see in them.




A satisfying experience

YouTube is filled with videos about fidget spinners that include comparisons between different makes, examples of tricks and even tutorials on how to make your own. Australian YouTube personality, Blunty, explores the phenomenon behind the fidget spinner. He explains how he personally finds himself fidgeting constantly, and that when he tried using a fidget spinner for himself, he quite enjoyed the experience.

Blunty explains what a fidget spinner is made of and what gives them their super spin. Also, he demonstrates to viewers how they look and sound when he spins them between his fingers. He claims he has tested the toy for hours on end. Additionally, Blunty admits he can see how playing with it feels endlessly satisfying. This feeling of satisfaction would explain the reason why children, and adults, are becoming addicted.

Nevertheless, it is rather refreshing that this new addictive craze doesn’t involve sitting indoors staring at a screen for hours on end. In our modern technologically advanced era, kids still want to play with regular toys. Not only that, children are going outdoors and socializing in real life, leaving their screens at home.


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