Drugs and Sex and … Generation Z

Generation Z expresses more conservative values | Image credit: flickr.com

Drugs And Sex And Generation Z
Drugs And Sex And Generation Z

Generation Z vs. Millennials

Pass no judgment I always say. Each of our generations has their “thing.” No one is right, and no one is wrong. Things seem to progress as they should. We are supposed to learn from history. That is the ideal anyway. Generation Z is learning from the mistakes made from Millennials and before them. It’s about time someone learned from history.

Millennials look down on the new generation with contempt. “They are not interested in sex and too busy on their smartphones to engage in drug addiction, sex addiction, and perversion. Millennials apparently think this is disturbing and very uncool.



“They are super lame”

Generation Z has a firm foothold on the smartphone and access to instantaneous messaging and information 24/7. Accordingly, they are very busy with keeping up and not missing out. Because they have watched their older siblings or parents struggle through a recession, drug addiction, alcoholism, the consequences from premarital sex, etc., they are more diligent. Gen Z’ers understand the responsibility and reality of life. They have watched the actualities from wrong choices and their consequences. Sex isn’t on their long list of things to do.

  • Teen pregnancies
  • Substance Abuse
  • Economic and Financial Troubles
  • Insecurity

This group has been taught by their parents that life is hard. If you want something, you must work for it. They haven’t had life handed to them on a silver platter as Millennials have. The entitlement most millennials feel comes from the material wealth their parents bestowed upon them. This entitlement has followed them in every area of their lives. At work, boredom comes easily. The desire to advance without the blood sweat and tears is a no-brainer. They don’t understand the concept of working hard for anything.


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Generation Z has seen it happen. These kids watched as their families struggled. They do want to work hard simultaneously keeping a very firm handle on social media and everything digital. However, the biggest difference between Millennials and Generation Z is their view. While Millennials grew up with an advancing technological world, a sense of entitlement in that world and the will to experience it all drive them.


Generation Z sees things differently

Generation Z is not in a hurry to grow up and take on the responsibilities of adults. Working at maintaining all they have going on, they are content being teens. Working hard on their studies, playing hard, participating in whatever they have access to which is a lot. Z’ers understand that one day, they will have to take care of themselves and the world. They are socially aware. Albeit only connected to their immediate world of snapshot and Instagram.

There is no longer room or time to engage in potentially harmful activities. Z’ers don’t need to pleasure themselves with drugs or sex. They are content with social media, small intimate gatherings and care more about their image. Moreover, sex tapes, disgusting unappealing pics, potentially damaging videos, out of control behavior and disheveled peers is not cool in their eyes.

Still, Generation Z has experienced a parental investment in their character development. Millennials never had that. Even though they may at first thought only care about appearances; the ground has been firmly established through teaching and parental discipline. Because of the investment parents have established, a sense of security and safety has become Generation Z. They want to create it and safeguard it. Kudos to them.


That is what the world needs today

Millennials consistently continue the marketing and sales towards a generation of consumers. While generation z does consume, they attribute more value to their purchases and themselves. They don’t need to validate their worth with anything that is private. Indeed, they are all about the picture. Meanwhile, it doesn’t discount the hard work they do behind the scenes. This group is meticulous at checking in on their phones, keeping current and staying on task with whatever they’re working. Already integrated with technology, Z’ers know how to center their values.

Therefore, this has been missing in society for quite some time. Millennials simply can’t maintain values and engage with the web. They are all about themselves without concern for what is ethical and moral.


Millennial morality is questionable

They express no concern about whatever is outside themselves. Generation Z has the potential to turn this all around.

They are the first group to tend towards a more conservative lifestyle. They do this not because it is conservative, but because they understand the value of self-respect, self-esteem, and self-reliance. Generation Z aspires to be better than the depression they have watched suffer. I applaud their awakening of self-worth. After watching all the older people around them degrade themselves, they have learned what is wrong with the world.

Although Z’ers remain connected to social media, they might just define a healthy connection.


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Image credit: flickr.com