Don’t Worry, Be Happy, and Start Living!

Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Don’t Worry, Be Happy

10 simple Habits – How to Stop Worrying and Start Living a Happy Life

We live in a fast-paced world that so easily stops us from feeling happy. It causes us to worry all the time. We miss simpler and happier times. What can we do to worry less and feel more joy?

Below are 10 simple habits you can start undertaking to bring happiness back into your life:

1. Start

Create a small journal or book to remind you how you really do have a happy life and a good lifestyle. In it, you are going to list cherished moments you have experienced with your loved ones, family, friends and in your social life.

Mention the tiny things that brought life back to your soul. This is a great initiative for you to take a fresh start for a wonderful life.



Concentrate your mind, and recall all of the things you have, and be thankful for them, instead of overdose thinking about the negative aspects of your life, those things which you wish you didn’t have to endure.

Before going to sleep each night, take out your book, and jot down many, or a few positive things that you came across that day. Remember, only the positive things!


Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Manage a Thank You Journal
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Manage a Thank You Journal

Also add color to your book, decorating it with the pictures of friends, family, love ones and those from your social life, and the things that enhance your lifestyle. On the top or at the bottom of each picture, write a short narrative describing the picture, and then go to sleep remembering that you do have a happy life.


2. Focus your mind on imagining good outcomes

Don’t Worry, Be Happy - imagine good outcomes
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – imagine good outcomes

Focus your mind on imagining favorable outcomes, and make it a habit. Start every day by viewing things bending your way. Stay positive about these things. Then things will start to happen in the way you want them to happen, and sometimes things will indeed turn out in your favor.

See yourself in your mind getting your life into the shape you want it to be in. For a happy life and a positive lifestyle, start believing in yourself, and your good personality, and that you can build the strength that you wish to have.

Motivate yourself to do the things that you are eager to achieve by removing every negative fragment attached to it: for your love life, family, friends and social life. Believe in yourself and that you will achieve what you want to have. Be positive about your life.


3. When negative thoughts come, pave a way for another more powerful positive thought

Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Always look in the positive mirror
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Always look in the positive mirror

These steps take a lot of time to master, but for a happy life and an enriching lifestyle keep yourself calm and practice with patience. Gradually do this exercise, and in the long run, you will be surprised with your achievements. When the clouds of suspicion and doubt start clouding your mind, counter them with the rays of love you receive from family, friends and your social circle, in order to remain positive.

If you are facing overwhelming problems at work, and your performance is starting to fall, Don’t open the gates of your mind to the floods of negative thoughts, but be hopeful that these days will eventually be over and soon you will have your turn to succeed. Always look at yourself favorably, reflected in a positive mirror.



4. Practice and Meditation

Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Meditation is an excellent therapy that glues everything again
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Meditation is an excellent therapy that glues everything again

If you are in the gym and working out, and suddenly you feel pain somewhere in your body, you will take a short break from the exercise, and you will reflect over the problematic area. But what about your mind? Your mind works for every second of the day – when you are working, sleeping, watching or doing anything. It also needs rest.

Give yourself an opportunity to stop yourself from opening social media, or doing anything else distracting, and instead start meditating for a short time, because this is the fast track to a happy life and creating a positive and enriching lifestyle. Meditation is an excellent therapy that restores equilibrium and brings you clarity about what positive things are ahead for you in your life.


5. Look at the problem from a different perspective

Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Start breaking down the problem into smaller parts
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Start breaking down the problem into smaller parts

Everyone in life faces many problems, including your friends, loved ones, and family. Start by breaking down a particular problem into smaller parts and then solve the smaller parts individually.

Make use of a journal or diary to write down the problem, then use the drop down technique to try to employ alternative positive perspectives to solve the problem. And when you have done it once, you will be keen to try to do this again, because of the more convenient outcomes and solutions you can find, combined with that this is such an easy task to do! In your social life.

Start making as many decisions as possible this way, to enhance your decision making power. Don’t over think the various kinds of outcomes, or what will be the after effects of those decisions. Take a decision, make it, and it will be the right one.


6. Make a chart of goals to increase and unleash the positivity in you

Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Make a chart of goals
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Make a chart of goals

Design a goal chart that will unleash the positivity in you. These goals can be of any size or belong to any category, for example, they can be in your lifestyle, or with family, your love life or with friends.

Make an agreement with yourself, that no matter what happens, you will not break this pact, and you will stay affirmative in achieving your goals. This is necessary because if you have failed to achieve anything in the past, your mind will not be able to rewire a rollover program. By staying affirmative you will then experience having the supreme authority over your mind, and you can achieve anything you want.

At the end of the day, after conquering these goals, you may not quite believe what have you actually achieved. Your mental and physical rewards will be high. And gradually you can increase your number of goals, as you grow confident and familiar, having successfully achieved your previous number of goals.




7. Kick out unhelpful thinking patterns that make you worry

Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Kick out unhelpful thinking patterns
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Kick out unhelpful thinking patterns

Don’t engage yourself in feeling that you should be a perfectionist. Remind yourself that you are a human being like everyone else, and to err is human. There is no such thing as an outcome that is pure white or black.

These outcomes can be of any intensity such as good, very good, moderate or whatever. Don’t give up on yourself if you are not able to generate your desired outcome, instead have faith in yourself. Give more time to your loved ones, family and friends.

Get out of the fumes of unhelpful thinking and wrongly assumed expectations. Start maintaining a happy life and have an enriching lifestyle with an active social life.


8. Construct a praising self, and kick the analytical self to the curb

Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Construct a praising self
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Construct a praising self

Every day take some time off and think about the good deeds you did, with your family, friends or loved ones. Praise yourself for the things that you have achieved to make your life a happy life.

Compliment yourself for your healthy lifestyle. Grab the credit of your success and give it to yourself, instead of assuming it is just mere luck or giving the credit to someone else. Reward yourself for the positivity in you, for the nice things you are doing and things that have turned around for the good because of your input.

Don’t freak out, just relax and keep your cool. Start taking time out once in a week for some social relaxation. This will give you positive vibes.


9. Turn off the TV and spend quality time with friends, family and loved ones.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Plan a weekend out with your family
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Plan a weekend out with your family

Have you recently tried to spend any quality time with the God gifted people in your life? No! Is this because you were likely indulging in watching television, and obsessing over the pressures in your life, things that you can not control, worrying about things that will yield you no benefit?

Get out of your room, spend time socially. Plan a weekend out with your family, friends or loved ones and enjoy them. Establish a happy life and lifestyle that includes those you love and care for. Watching the news will not change the world around you, but spending quality time with your loved ones and social circle will most probably change your world for the better.


10. Relaxation

Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Relaxation
Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Relaxation

Out of 24 hours, take out between 30 minutes to an hour just for yourself. Do yoga, or register yourself at a gym. Mix things up and create an hour where you devote it just to your happiness.

Listen to your favorite music, while doing your favorite activity. Start doing things that combine fun with learning. Do not be afraid while trying new things. Stop making excuses about time, take timeouts, enjoy and relax!

And do not worry, be happy! 🙂