Don’t Let Valentine’s Day Make You Fat!

Don’t Let Valentine’s Day Make You Fat!

Don’t Let Valentines Day Make You Fat
Don’t Let Valentines Day Make You Fat

It’s that time of year where you start to feel a little nervous – Don’t Let Valentine’s Day Make You Fat

You want to look hot for the lover of your dreams, but inevitably they will be showering you in fattening food this Valentine’s day! Just how will you deal with this?

You must be totally freaking out! Never fear. Here are some foolproof tips on how to keep healthy and avoid the flab that will turn your soul mate off you. We tell you what to do on Valentine’s day to avoid getting fat!


Fat-free Romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day


1. Get Hotter Bodies Together

Hint to your soul mate that you would love for them to buy you both a gym membership! This way you can set up regular dates. You can watch each other tone up, and see how hot your bodies get working out.

Start by working up a sweat at the gym, and finish it up in the bedroom.


2. Float Each Other’s Boat

Hire a row boat or a kayak and enjoy some romantic scenery, as you drift merrily down a stream. Burn off those calories when you row the oars.

You won’t even notice you are keeping healthy as you enjoy this precious time with the one you love.


3. Get Naked

Join a naked yoga class – It doesn’t get more sensuous than this. Observe your lover’s naked body twist into the most amazing poses.

What makes this more exciting is that it is healthy, and keeping you fit!


4. Ride Together

Go cycling together! Hire some bikes if you don’t own them yourself, and take a romantic ride off the beaten track. Choose a destination with a breathtaking view. And then collapse breathless into the arms of your love.


5. Tutti Fruiti

Swap chocolates for fruit! Why neglect the sweetness of the day? Yes, it doesn’t quite seem like Valentines Day without a box of chocolates.

However, lying with your head in the lap of your soul mate, while they feed you grapes and strawberries is HOT. And of course, nutritious.



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