Disturbing New Short Film Recalls More War In The Rise 

The Rise battles over dystopian future | Image credit: Dust via YouTube


The Rise is a film depicting artificial individuals without flesh or a soul

There can be no murder, but a recall is okay. The story of how sentient or artificial beings lay claim to having feelings and emotions. Instead, blame is a game used to manipulate psychotic, destructive and insane acts against humanity.

Is this the matrix on another platform?

The Rise is a film made by DUST, which presents the business of the future, to be dangerous. DUST has put out many films and they are all meant to instill fear. Furthermore, the idea of a synthesized being, gaining power over humankind has been introduced over time. Is this something we want?

This mentality of actions without mercy is presented in full living color. The film is dark in all aspects of it’s production. However, the most tenebrous part of this proposed planet ruled without any human characteristics. Is that where we are headed?

Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan wrote the screenplay. Additional writing came from Director, David Karlak. This film is rich with visual effects.

It appears the newest release does not bring anything original.


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mage credit: Dust via YouTube