On every continent and every corner of the world, McDonald’s holds household formulas for fast food

We all recognize the go to fast food place for its burgers, fries, and nuggets. Although there are many other items on their menu, these items are the most popular. At least they used to be. McDonald’s has recently issued a corporate statement. They are making changes in their food formulas, but they insist these changes are unrelated to any particular event. This statement alone should raise a red flag for anyone who cares about his or her diet.



The mission and goal

McDonald’s Corporation has an aggressive commitment to maintaining leadership in the global fast food industry. All goods and services this company produces are designed to increase business resilience. This includes distribution of economically sound products used to enhance company growth.

Restaurants in general usually have some level of commitment to presenting a warm, friendly environment, where consumers can enjoy the atmosphere and quality food. Of course the bottom line for every business is profit and revenue, but usually, there is some level of commitment to moral standards. Most often the standards play a role in quality edible ingredients with the intent of nourishing its satisfied clients.




McDonald’s incorporates low standards

We already know McDonald’s wants to sell as much product at the most efficient cost possible. Additionally, they claim to provide choices, great taste, real ingredients, and transparency. Well, let’s take a look.

Many studies of McDonald’s prove their food products unhealthy. One documentary from 2003 called Super Size Me, follows a man who eats every meal at the fast-food chain. His health significantly declines over a period of one month. The film was severe enough that consumers began to question eating out.


Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a chef who is investigating the hamburgers and nuggets at McDonald’s. Oliver has battled over this disgusting issue for years. Only now McDonald’s is changing its formula.

Oliver discovered that “pink slime’ was an essential ingredient in burgers and nuggets. The “slime’ consists of meat and poultry products remaining after all the more expensive and better meat pieces had been taken. The “slime” includes bones, eyeballs, fatty skin, tendons, giblets and other trimmings from the mechanically separated meat.

All these parts get ground into a paste. This paste is sanitized with ammonium hydroxide making the meat paste unfit for human consumption. Following this step, color, seasoning and other additives get thrown into the paste to give it tantalizing flavor. Patties and nuggets get shaped and pre-cooked in oil. Sometimes the oil has additives as well.

Currently, Jamie Oliver is demonstrating to kids all over the world his findings while trying to encourage healthy eating choices and awareness of this enormous fraud. Teaching fast food is not healthy food is one of his main messages.


Transparency Campaign

In an effort to disprove Oliver’s claims, the launching of a transparency campaign has been issued. Its purpose is to further fool consumers. Grant Mahara from Fresno, California takes us on video tours trying to discredit the pink slime and food additives claims that have hurt McDonald’s profit and reputation.

In one video we see Mahara at the chicken distribution company, Tyson. Another video shows substantial cuts of beef from Cargill. Both videos document the process of obtaining the meat for McDonald’s chicken nuggets and hamburgers. However, on the McDonald’s website, it lists the meat suppliers as Lopez Foods and Keystone Foods. The videos of those meat factories and farms we do not see.




Video, website and investigation discrepancy

Simultaneously, while buying and selling the lowest quality of meat products not even fit for canine consumption, McDonald’s and congress coordinate diary initiatives to push the sale of all milk products. Meanwhile, dairy initiatives are not the only projects on the government’s agenda. All kinds of agricultural products and commodities align the media network’s shelves of subjects for propaganda.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this story is FDA and USDA approval over McDonald’s recipes, formulas, and enterprise. While each lawsuit against McDonald’s was in process and even after, there was surprisingly no media coverage or crackdown from governmental regulations committees. Revealing congressional involvement, and media control over the incidents wouldn’t serve McDonald’s corporation financial goals at all.

One has to ask the question why McDonald’s would suddenly be concerned with their reputation? Why the immediate need for a transparency campaign? If all food standards are met, why change the ingredients or formula?


Biggest problem of all

In our busy lives, we search for conveniences. While we believe this will make our lives easier, what we do instead is sacrifice our higher function. If we eat hearty foods, we will feel better, think more clearly and have more energy. Don’t compromise your self-worth for the idea of convenience.

You have an obligation to yourself and your family to make good decisions for better mental and physical health. Be careful and choose wisely how you fuel the machine that must last a lifetime, your body.

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