Devil’s Triangle – Bermuda Facts and Myths

Devil's Triangle - Bermuda Facts and Myths
Devil's Triangle - Bermuda Facts and Myths

Bermuda Triangle Facts and Myths Facts

Strange, weird, mysterious events, locations, and even people have haunted and perplexed mankind for centuries. Among these weird and mysterious phenomena, the Bermuda Triangle stands out right on top. So, what is the Bermuda Triangle? Well, the Bermuda Triangle is a triangular location in the Atlantic Ocean and it’s earned itself quite a terrifying reputation.


Devil's Triangle - Bermuda
Devil’s Triangle – Bermuda


This location has been blamed for the mysterious disappearance of many ships and even airplanes that have tried to pass through it. Though there are several theories explaining the disappearances, no expert has categorically been able to come up with an exact explanation.


Bizarre Disappearances

This is exactly why the Bermuda Triangle is called one of the most bizarre locations on Earth. What’s even more interesting is that these disappearances have been occurring for centuries, and even today we really don’t have a proper explanation.

Current estimates suggest that over a 1000 aircraft and ships have disappeared in this exact location.

However, like all strange things, the Bermuda Triangle has contributed to its fair share of legends and stories. While a lot of them are factual theories, most of them are largely myths. These myths are said to be the creations of brilliant writers and we all know how imaginative writers can be. Plus, a lot of these writers had a certain credibility in their day, which served to convince people that they were speaking the truth.

Of course, over the years, the line between facts and myths concerning the Bermuda Triangle have been blurred. Nevertheless, let us explore all the information that we are currently aware of.


Bermuda Triangle - Myths and Facts
Bermuda Triangle – Myths and Facts

Myths of Bermuda Triangle: Origins

As mentioned earlier, many of the myths were propagated by authors. However, a lot of these writers were respectable individuals who were held in high regard. So, it’s not fair to doubt every single one of them.

Now, this is all the information we have so far. To begin with, the first peculiar or abnormal incidents were observed by Edward Jones in 1950, who published this information in the Miami Herald. The news ultimately spread like wildfire, especially after reports of other disappearances started turning up. For starters, the disappearance of Flight 19, which was a flight formation of 5 torpedo bombers, was one of the first incidents that really put the Bermuda Triangle on the mystery map.

Since then, the Bermuda Triangle has earned itself a reputation of being a strange and mysterious location. Nevertheless, it’s all either legends or actual facts, and now, we’ll introduce you to the facts.


Facts about Bermuda Triangle

As you already know, there is no conclusive evidence to show how these disappearances might have actually occurred. But, what we do have are rational and logical explanations and it is likely that a majority of the disappearances could be attributed to these scientific theories.

First off, we have the weather theory. The Bermuda Triangle, which is basically a geographically unmarked triangular location on the western end of the North Atlantic Ocean, is also known for experiencing rough weather. These storms can be very intense, and they could have caused navigational issues for the ships unfortunate enough to be present there at that time. This could have been one of the reasons why these ships disappeared.

Then, we have the topography theory. The topography under the sea at the Bermuda Triangle is quite extreme. It goes from continental shelf to an abrupt drop into some of the deepest marine trenches in the world. So, it is likely that ships that sank and planes that crashed just ended up in those trenches, which explains why they’ve never been found.

There is also the fact that the Bermuda Triangle is the only location where the compass points to true north. Naturally, when a problem occurs with a compass, this can lead to major navigational errors.


Natural Explanations

The triangle is also home to the Gulf Stream, which is known for its extremely swift currents. In some areas within the triangle, the currents have been measured to have a speed of 5 knots. That’s enough to throw a ship off course by several miles if it fails to compensate properly.

However, one of the most logical theories is that the Bermuda Triangle attracts countless sailors and pilots, many of whom happen to be amateurs. It is also one of the most heavily utilized shipping lanes on the planet. So, we have, on one hand, amateur sailors/pilots and, on the other hand, heavy traffic. That’s a recipe for disaster, – the kind of disaster that leads to disappearances in a massive ocean.

So, these are some of the ‘more’ rational theories that are likely to be true. Now, let’s move on to the legends and myths.


Bermuda Triangle - Myths and Facts
Bermuda Triangle – Myths and Facts

Legends and myths

One of the most popular myths about the Bermuda Triangle is that aliens or extra-terrestrials could be responsible for the disappearances. There have been many claims about alien abductions and UFO sightings in this area. In fact, some legends even go so far as to say that the Bermuda Triangle is a portal to alien planets.

The next popular Bermuda Triangle myth suggests that the location is ground zero for the lost city of Atlantis. Legend tells us that the city of Atlantis was run with the help of power obtained from immensely powerful energy crystals. It is believed that these crystals might have been damaged or altered, causing them to emit energy rays that confuse navigators.

Finally, there is the myth of the magnetic fields. According to this myth, there are magnetic vortices (cold and hot currents) in the Bermuda Triangle that create electromagnetic complications, which affect navigational instruments and other electro-mechanical components. This is claimed to be the reason why ships and aircraft sink/crash and disappear. Some even suggest the idea of an electronic fog that interferes with instruments and affects visibility.