Deceptive Chinese Woman’s Plastic Surgery Used To Ditch Debt

Chinese credit systems rate trust of its citizens

Deceptive Chinese Woman’s Plastic Surgery Used To Ditch Debt
Deceptive Chinese Woman’s Plastic Surgery Used To Ditch Debt

As bank debt increases, the Chinese government creates credit scores to control the masses

The Chinese State Council is planning a document that will influence public opinion and trust. With the rise of social credit, bank credit and store credit, China is very quickly becoming a bonafide devious society. The government feels the need to depress those urges with credit score laws.

One insane example is fifty-four-year-old Zhu Wuhan. Zhu accumulated debt is equaling $3.7 million dollars. Her decision to avoid the debt is a reflection of most Chinese and their attitude towards debt. Rather than pay the debt which was supported by a court order, Zhu paid with yet more credit to get plastic surgery to rearrange her face. Pretending to be anyone other than herself, Zhu continued to rack up more debt. She bought train tickets and other paraphernalia to support her new persona.

When police found Zhu, they were not sure of her identity. Her appearance was one of a woman in her thirties, not fifties. Nonetheless, police did detain her even though they were surprised by her face.


Chinese courts have given orders to more than 186 people

They all have to take care of the debt they vehemently avoid. Some have gone so far as to sell their children for money to pay their debts. One man sold his child for a week until authorities found the man and arrested him. While his child’s life was worth only 6,500 dollars, the father had a leisurely coffee at an internet cafe before his arrest.

Debt is a problem in China. In a society where there is no trust and apparently no reason to be trustworthy. The government is creating a credit status system. Whereby you purchase Chinese made shoes, work boots, or agriculture well, then your credit rating will go up. Rave about how great the economy is, and that will also raise your scores.

However, while on internet sites or social media you share pictures of Tienanmen Square or discuss the stock market is collapsing, or purchase something from Japan, then that is bad and will result in credit scores going down. This social tool under the control of the Chinese government will control people and society at large.




That is the government plan

If you find your scores are high because you do everything the government approves, you will receive benefits such as easy access to paperwork and permission for loans, travel plans or some other function of government. Lower scores could garner you restrictions of all kinds. One restriction could be receiving employment. Another punishment, sorry restriction could be slower internet speeds. If you can think up something to torture people with, the Chinese government is waiting for suggestions.

You can probably rest assured knowing they are coming up with their list. Chinese torture is historical and well known.

I wonder what torture will be waiting for others like Zhu Wuhan who will do anything besides pay for the lives they have pretended to live on credit cards. Maybe living with a different face will deter further fraud. Or maybe Zhu Wuhan just added another twenty years to her debt filled life.


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