Corrupt CIA murdered investigative journalist, Gary Webb

Gary Webb was murdered in 1999. He was an investigative reporter who did more than ruffle the feathers of news agencies and government officials. Before his death, the CIA threatened him continuously. The government used his children’s lives in efforts to control his reports. CIA officials broke into his home on several occasions to issue a warning, but still, Gary persisted.

He knew the truth and wrote the Dark Alliance as a legacy documenting the US government’s insidious plan to create drug addiction, drug trafficking and the collection of money towards funding the contra war and “war on drugs,” which was essentially a war for drugs, murder, power and of course money.



Gary was alert to a story at the newspaper for which he worked. The story notes drugs were found in communities in Southern California. Once the drugs were discovered, the authorities began to confiscate homes, properties, and privately owned lands. He began research with this little bit of information and quickly understood the drugs were planted and the community was targeted.


So he looked deeper

Soon Gary realized the drugs were coming from a supplier who turned out to be the CIA. The government was intentionally dropping off weapons to aid and abet the contra war, then systematically picked up tons of cocaine, airlifted it on US airlift operations from El Salvador without any inspections. The non-stop traffic of these planes continually brought back the drugs.


YOUTUBE (The Madnees Report):


After arrival in the US, drugs were distributed to various cities and drug dealers throughout the United States. The CIA knew it, as did the president and everyone who lives and works in the white house and any government position. Many law enforcement officials were privy as well.


Many law enforcement officials were privy as well

It is safe to say from Gary Webb’s investigation that the drugs were specifically targeted towards African American gangs. The gang communities were easy to blame for any and all outcomes of drug addiction and use. Cocaine was of free supply to drug dealers in gang communities to be converted to crack. Cooking houses, decoy houses, drive up delivery houses were all used to market and sell the drugs. Money became an addiction along with the drugs for these dealers. The devastating need for both corrupted all.

President Reagon’s announcement to fight the war on drugs was a cover-up, and divergent distraction intentionally contrived to mislead the public. In fact, the government decided to funnel money from providing weapons to Iran for the same reason. Therefore, the Iran Contra scandal was also contributing to cocaine distribution. When President Bush came along, he maintained the same underground policy.


One can only guess what Trump has inherited from all this

Additionally, Mr. Webb realized as far back as the 1960’s; the government was importing, trafficking and selling opium from Vietnam. Whether this was another conception of organized governmental strategy is unknown; however, most likely Vietnam was also not the first.

Gary Webb gathered testimonies of government witnesses, government documentation, interviewed drug dealers and gang members as well as police officials, and CIA members who admitted to the truth, that indeed all that Gary had found and written about in his book Dark Alliance was true.

Until this day, the CIA, the White House, and the President will painstakingly deny all allegations. However, if you notice carefully, they will do so without addressing any facts. Labeling this a conspiracy or blaming the black community for taking the crack and cocaine. Whatever diversion they can come up with will suffice. If cornered a disrespectful authority conveying superior knowledge and position will attempt to stop questions.


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