Corey Feldman is on a mission

Ever since Elijah Wood came forward to reveal the secret of pedophilia in Hollywood a mass unraveling of sexual harassment, abuse and all kinds of accusations are suddenly coming out of the word work. One of the celebrities wracked with guilt is Corey Feldman. Although he is remarkably the only one trying to rectify the problem. Everyone else is cowardly hiding. Particularly talk show hosts and reporters feign ignorance when all along they were privy.



The behavior of Barbara Walters, on The View, when interviewing Feldman was laughable. Her pretend bewilderment of the topic and accusations of ruining an industry which frankly, is responsible for itself is appalling, to say the least.


Sex abuse

Corey’s best friend, Corey Haim died several years ago from a drug overdose. However, the drug problem was the result of years of abuse that Haim did not know how to handle. It came from sex abuse. Overtures made by Charlie Sheen and many other predators with delusions of power contributed to Haim’s fate. Feldman’s solution is to shine a light into the darkness and tell the long kept tale.



Feldman is determined to produce his motion picture exhibiting the pedophile drama that destroyed his best friend’s life. Indeed, Feldman’s life was profoundly affected as were many.

Corey Feldman has taken to public media to appeal to those who can give financially to fund his legal fees, personal protection, and production of the film. To date, Feldman has accumulated more than $200,000 towards the endeavor.


Social media has helped Feldman raise more than $200,000.00

Unfortunately, death threats and near death experiences have come his way. Additionally, a smear campaign has unfolded. The discredit tactic is used on anyone who is a whistleblower or revealer of truth. Corey has gone so far as to write down the names of all the slimy pedophiles who participated in sexual misconduct. He gave them to a trustworthy source just in case harm should come to him.



Feldman is not alone in his desire to come free of the burden

Nevertheless, the pedophile ring is vast. Still in some small way, maybe this film will not only expose the perpetrators. It would be nice to see the proceeds from this movie going to uncover more sex trafficking rings and destroying them.

Just as celebrities have kept the long dark secret, law enforcement personnel have dismissed charges brought against the powerful criminals. Instead, at the time Corey initially reported sexual abuse, the police were more interested in building a case against a fall guy, Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was accused wrongfully but with willful evil intent, to take the rap for those who were committing the crimes.


Michael Jackson friends with Feldman

Feldman was close with the entertainer at the time. He claims he tried to convince the police officers of his innocence, but they were hell-bent. Some money must have fueled their convictions. It’s the only logical solution.

Corey Feldman’s Truth Campaign is aimed not only at telling the story, but also creating a film to show the world that the power does not need to remain in the hands of those who exploit and extort. This film and its production are meant to be an example of how to reinvent an industry with a new revolutionary approach. The commitment to regaining control and weeding out the criminals to preserve the innocence and integrity of every actor and artist no matter what their age.


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