OMG! CNN Red-Faced Amid Gaffes and Fake News

Media giant CNN feels red-faced after a series of gaffes and retracted fake news stories

OMG! CNN Red-Faced Amid Gaffes and Fake News
OMG! CNN Red-Faced Amid Gaffes and Fake News

Award-winning media giant and darlings of the left-leaning public CNN recently felt red-faced after making a series of embarrassing gaffes and fake news


There doesn’t seem to be a news outlet on planet earth that garners any respect from the public these days, as even award-winning CNN falls victim to humiliating gaffes and fake news retractions that leave it red-faced. Right-leaning news outlets such as Fox News and Breitbart had a field day when news broke of each of CNN’s embarrassing failings.

Ever since the recent election, when the infamous Donald Trump became President of the United States, news outlets have been divided as never before. The left’s hatred of the billionaire entrepreneur Trump appears to have caused them to slip up and reveal the inner biases behind those running the media giant.


CNN tries to backtrack

CNN vehemently claim that their retracted stories are not fake news. Nevertheless, they still walk a very fine line. Indeed, three prominent employees resigned following false information regarding Trump’s alleged association with, they still walk a very fine line. Indeed, three prominent employees resigned following false information regarding Trump’s alleged association with Russian interests. While CNN immediately pulled down the story about Anthony Scaramucci’s alleged relationship with Russian investment funds, what it did reveal was the trigger-happy and biased nature of news reporting at CNN.

The resignations came on the tail of another retracted news story. Only a week or so previously, CNN had to post a correction on a related story. Shockingly, this author of this article had utilized an untrustworthy anonymous source. According to the anonymous source, FBI DIrector James Comey was about to testify that he had warned Trump of an impending investigation in connection to what the media had coined as “Russiagate.” CNN even tweeted: “In testimony, Comey will dispute President Trump’s blanket claim that he was told he wasn’t under investigation.




Comey, while being a big cynic of Trumps, still lept to set the record straight.

The following day, on June 8, he released a statement confirming that this was not entirely the case.  Upon realizing they had reported false information, CNN hastily corrected the gaffe. CNN altered the title of the false story to “Comey unlikely to judge on obstruction.

Indeed, these instances fall into the grey area definition of fake news. Nevertheless, the public has exposed CNN at other times for constructing biased fake news stories. Connivingly, these news stories discuss extremely sensitive subjects. Shockingly, CNN appears to be orchestrating a narrative to fit within their left-leaning agenda.


Fake CNN news in London

On June 5 of this year, citizen journalist, who goes only by the name of Mark (and @markantro on Twitter) filmed CNN staging a fake news item in London. Mark’s footage captured CNN journalist Becky Anderson staging a scene. Anderson strategically placed members of a supposed “peace group” to make them look like a larger group. The film crew handed the “peace group” props and signs so to create a fake scene. This fake scene fit Anderson’s biased narrative about the recent terrorist attack.


YOUTUBE Video (Mike Cernovich):



Following Mark’s exposure of CNN’s blatant orchestration of a fake news item, the story never aired. However, it is still available on the BBC website, unchallenged. In this instance, CNN didn’t fire anybody, despite Anderson staging such obvious fake news.

If CNN wishes for the public to take them seriously, such trigger-happy biased reporting must cease. Modern journalists are destroying what little faith is left that the intelligent people of the earth have for the news.


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