Western Culture Control practices seep into Buddhist Monasteries


According to Tibetan tradition, a Dalai Lama is a reincarnation of Avalokitesvara, the Buddha of Compassion. Tenzin Gyatso was born to a peasant family in 1935. Apparently, at the age of two, he was recognized. However, it wasn’t until 1950 he assumed full political power over Tibet. It was this same year that Communist China and Tibet began the conflict.



The Dalia Lama traveled to Beijing to talk peace with Chinese leaders. China and Tibet remained at war for nine years. After a bloody battle, the Dalai Lama was supposedly forced into exile in India. Where he now enjoys a peaceful and affluent lifestyle.


CIA training in Colorado

Nevertheless, before the exile, more than 200 Tibetans were recruited to fight. In the US, strategies, guerrilla warfare, radio transmissions, and other forms of war tactics were forced upon them. Weapons and equipment armed them on their return the communist war with China.

The CIA which brought the peaceful people to Colorado made sure they were fully prepared to fight Communism. Indeed, that was the CIA agenda. It had begun years before the Dalai Lama began leading Tibet.



Unfortunately, the Dalai Lama was a plant by the CIA

His family received financial rewards for their contribution to fighting communism, even at the expense of Tibet. As the CIA gained a foothold in Buddhist culture, sexual abuse began to rise. Buddhism is a teaching, not a religion based on understanding, not faith. What was once a culture of teaching wealth does not guarantee happiness, became a political hand of the CIA.

Therefore, the Dalai Lama wasn’t a leader to teach; he was in his position to cultivate money and power. The CIA made sure he collected. More than $1.7 million every year made it into the treasuries for the Tibetan government. Additionally, the Dalai Lama maintained a private collection of $180,000.00.

The CIA made a point of interfering, controlling and manipulating political pawns who would affect Communism and communist government. Which also included involvement in Guatemalan communist regimes as well as many others.


Dalai Lama admits his brother’s involvement

The escape party from Tibet to India included several CIA agents. CIA money secured all the relocation, exile and actions during the war and after. In 1965 the Dalai Lama admitted two of his brothers communicated with the CIA asked to help control communist China.

There continue to be linked, documents with detailed evidence piling up. The amount of spying going on between Tibet, China with CIA indulgence is intense.

Today, the second Kalu Rinpoche Lama disclosed his abuse by monks at the age of twelve-years-old. He posted a video on YouTube to substantiate his story. When his father passed, he was taken from his comfortable life and repeatedly raped by monks. It caused him to turn to drug abuse to deal with the pain and suffering. He was not alone.




It is the way of political warfare, control, and governments

Kalu Rinpoche Lama confessed that a group of monk elders would visit him in his room. Sometimes they came alone specifically to engage in sexual intercourse. At the age of 12 and 13, he was expected to open his door that was nearly beaten to get in. Only after a three-year retreat from the monastery did the young Lama realize how wrong was this practice. Meanwhile, the cycle had begun with others in his absence.

Rinpoche Lama explains idolatry and deceitful institutions are horrifically menacing terrors. These false societies have created barriers between the mind and finding of truth. The only path to understanding full truths and freeing human beings is to unleash a rebellion.


Rinpoche Lama sends a warning

Also, he sends a stern warning. Prepare yourselves for what the mainstream media is engaging right now. They are releasing some chosen truths to regain the public’s trust. Simultaneously social media networks will issue and filter “fake news.”

It’s time to decipher whole truths not partial or fake truths. There is a menacing presence controlling humanity, world leaders, governments and political agendas around the world. It seems this power is impenetrable. They will even attempt to use other nations as a scapegoat to carry out their demise.


Rinpoche Lama is the true Dalai Lama

He teaches the wisdom of Buddhism clearly, directly and with a personality all his own. He teaches living, in reality, is very important. Teachings to yourself within your reality is the true practice. Having a spiritual adviser is important, but he won’t fix your life for you.

A mentor relationship flows from respect and understanding. A lack of understanding can cause a person to give up responsibility for themselves and their lives.


That is not the way of a Buddhist

Integrate intellectual mind and meaning of practice with the unchanging truth. We must understand that truth exists and does not change. Accordingly, he goes on to explain the image of Buddhism needs change. Although Buddha did not create laws or judge anyone, he only advised the people. When dealing with problems, it is important to be careful with the result.

Understand the shifting of attachment and what your true desires are so you can channel the result towards a careful, clear result well within the confines of reality. There are many ideas and wise advice within Buddhism. A solid foundation and belief help us to be who we are.

Rinpoche Lama is more of a leader than the Dalai Lama who remains exiled in India.


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