Your Child’s Personality According to The Zodiac

Your Child’s Personality According to The Zodiac

Your Child's Personality According to The Zodiac
Your Child's Personality According to The Zodiac

Whether you have children or are planning a child, learning their zodiac sign can give you insight into what kind of personality they will have.


Your child’s personality will be complex and unique. However, their zodiac sign will give you interesting clues as to what to expect, and how to best understand how they tick.

Below we list some of the many traits your child will display, depending on when they were born.


The Aries Child

Born March 21 – April 19

The Aries child is a bundle of energy that is always looking for an outlet to express this. When they start to talk, they are always asking to go outdoors and play. If they don’t get to do this, they will likely be complaining about how bored they are!

Full of exciting ideas, they may need your help to see them through. Aries children can quickly become impatient and explode into a temper tantrum that is over as quick as it began. Their personality makes them naturally competitive with their friends and they are also prone to bumps and bruises from trying to take shortcuts and be the fastest and the best.



The Taurus Child

Born April 20 – May 20

Your Taurus child may let you sleep in on the weekends – though I’m making no promises! However, they love their sleep and enjoy taking it easy. They need secure boundaries and will thrive when you provide them.

Not keen on the open outdoors, but they do love exploring in the garden or the backyard. This sensual earth sign will also like to play in the dirt! The scent of the flowers and the warmth of the sun all excite your beautiful child. Stubbornness can be an issue at times, and you may see a terrible temper tantrum when they don’t get what they want. Nevertheless, they love you and adore you and will come round in the end.



The Gemini Child

born May 21 – June 20

The Gemini child is the one full of questions. They may talk very early on, and their curious personality may feel overwhelming at times! But the world is the most interesting place, and they must know all about it!

Additionally, it may feel like you have two children for the price of one. Your spritely little Gemini will have a side that is quiet, serious and contemplative as their little mind fires at a million miles an hour. The other side to them is telling the most imaginative stories that make you and them smile and laugh non-stop. This mercurial child will also love reading, however finishing books could be an issue on occasion. Nevertheless, their library will grow exponentially, and you will always be asked to read them “just one more” bedtime story every night.


The Cancer Child

Born June 21 – July 22

Your little Cancer child will love their Mommy very much. However, this love will sometimes feel like they are your Mommy too! They may sometimes feel a bit nervous about new situations and prefer to play house at home.

Moodiness can also be a problem sometimes, as Cancer children feel everything so very deeply. If a sibling offends them, they will unleash a vicious self-defense. So teaching them how to become aware of their feelings, and giving them a creative outlet will work wonders. The personality of this child loves music, and they will adore being your star sous-chef if you let them help you in the kitchen.



The Leo Child

born July 23 – August 22

The Leo child is not shy and will adore being taken out to attend social occasions. They have a personality that laps up attention when friends and family remind them of how adorable they are.   Little Leo wants to dress up fancy, and will probably put on a dramatic little show to entertain everyone.

Leo has the personality of a natural leader, and so you may need to tell your little one the difference between leading and being bossy. As they wear their heart on their sleeve, you can tell them that this is the place from which they lead – with compassion and warmth. Tell them that their inner sunshine helps their friends and family grow. Cuddles with your precious Leo child will be tender and delightful.



The Virgo Child

born August 23 – September 22

Your Virgo child will be intrigued by everything about this beautiful new world they find themselves in. In their super active minds, they will be analyzing, categorizing and filing for future reference. As soon as they can talk, they will let you know that they know everything, and they know everything better than you do!

It may sometimes feel that your Virgo child is too much of a perfectionist, and they will criticize you for things that don’t seem right. However underneath these observations is a desire to serve and care about things and people. They also must be encouraged to not aim this same criticism on themselves. This can lead to them becoming quite introverted, and their fear of imperfection can make them afraid to try anything new. Let them know that their worth has nothing to do with being top of the class, but in the underlying desire to see the best in everything.


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