Are Chemtrails Controlling Your Mind?

Are Chemtrails Controlling Your Mind?

Are Chemtrails Controlling your Mind
Are Chemtrails Controlling your Mind

One of the most prevailing theories of our time is that world governments are performing sinister experimentation upon their populations by utilizing the contrails of Jet engines to spray chemicals and microbes.

Theorists have renamed contrails as “chemtrails, ” and they fear that they are being used eugenically to eliminate the elderly and weak. Additionally, they are concerned that they are being used to dump barium salt aerosol onto the landscape. Those concerned believe it is so the military can develop more advanced radar mapping systems.

Some even believe that the government is using it for personal tracking and mind control via satellite projections of movies, ideas, and sensations.

In fact, the conspiracy about chemtrails and mind control is growing in popularity, with 2.6% of the people interviewed in a joint UK, Canadian and US study believing that chemtrails are a real phenomenon, and a further 14% feel concerned that it might be genuine.

Proof for Conspiracy Theorists?

Are Chemtrails Controlling your Mind - Proof for Conspiracy Theorists
Are Chemtrails Controlling your Mind – Proof for Conspiracy Theorists

And do these theorists have anything genuine to go by to support their fears? Allegedly, there have been cases in the past where governments have released substances into the atmosphere. In fact, this was to either experiment on human populations or make attempts to control the weather.

In the 1950s, the US government released bacteria into the air above San Francisco in “Operation Sea-Spray.” Devastatingly, this led to antibiotic-resistant illness and even death of members of the population.

At around the same time, the British experimented with cloud seeding in “Operation Cumulus.” Horrifyingly, deadly flash floods occurred.

People, therefore, feel rightly concerned that our governments are willing to experiment on us, without telling us, having no concern for our welfare.



Are Chemtrails Controlling your Mind -Geoengineering
Are Chemtrails Controlling your Mind -Geoengineering

Scientists, however, are quick to retort that converting contrails to chemtrails, by adding substances to contrails, is near impossible. The reason being that the altitude leaves them subject to erratic winds.

Furthermore, it would deem any such experimentation unworkable. On the other hand, they recently admitted to having considered utilizing contrails to try to repair ozone damage.

Researchers at The John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard released a study speculating what would happen after making an injection of light-reflecting sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere, with the intention to cool the Earth.

Despite the risk of further damaging the ozone layer, they claim that they discovered an aerosol that is both ozone healing and cooling. However, they admit it is merely a Band-Aid solution, and still view geoengineering as risky.

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