Cheapskate Billionaire Blocks Statue of Liberty

Cheapskate Billionaire Blocks Statue of Liberty
Cheapskate Billionaire Blocks Statue of Liberty

A cheapskate Russian billionaire is avoiding paying a thousand dollars a day by parking his super yacht in front of the Statue of Liberty.


New York locals and sightseers are up in arms over Russian billionaire Evgeny Markovich Shvidler’s decision to park his super yacht right in front of the Statue of Liberty. Tourists are complaining that he is ruining their travel photos. They believe that a clear view of the famous statue is obscured by the 370 foot Le Grand Bleu.

Shvidler parked the mega yacht in the location back in late April. After a brief change of scenery in the Gravesend Bay, he came back to the same hot tourism spot at the beginning of June.


Billionaire wants a freebie for his luxury lifestyle

A local ship captain remarked that despite the complaints of tourists and locals, Shvidler is doing something within the law. In fact, he is not the first to avoid the thousand dollars a day docking fees at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. Other yachts have parked themselves in similar locations, but have only stayed a day or so.

As a result, President of the Waterfront Alliance, Roland Lewis believes he speaks for the public when he expresses disdain at the oligarch’s supposed arrogance. Another tourist felt emotionally distressed by the sight. He went as far as to remark that the oil magnate was “blocking freedom and justice.”

Another onlooker was aghast when they noticed one of the yachts 65 crew servicing a woman. Apparently, she was sitting on the deck enjoying a perfect view of Lady Liberty while receiving a drink from a member of staff. The onlooker felt this to be the height of privilege and arrogance.


Just over inflated complaints?

When others have recently viewed the Statue of Liberty, they can’t see what the fuss is about. Some wonder if people are just jealous. Pictures were by the press revealed that from many angles the famous landmark is visible with no obstruction.

Shvidler received the superyacht as a gift from fellow Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich. The mega boat contains a helipad, speedboat, diving center and even an aquarium. Shvidler and Abramovich formerly ran an energy empire together, immediately after the fall of the USSR and became influential businessmen.

Additionally, Shvidler became a citizen of the USA in 1994. So technically, he doesn’t have to move his yacht anytime soon. He is married with five children and his current net worth is said to be an approximate $1.3 billion.

Another Russian tycoon recently found notoriety associated with his superyacht ownership, when Sailing Yacht A was arrested by authorities in the Bay of Gibralter. Andrey Melnichenko had to reclaim the mega boat, which is the largest bespoke private yacht ever built.