Charming Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Canadian

Popular celebrities you had no idea were Canadian

Charming Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Canadian
Charming Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Canadian

Successful Canadian Celebrities

A list of singers, songwriters, actors, and directors you never suspected could be Canadian. Talent both young and old make up our incomplete list of notorious people from the home of ice-hockey and lacrosse. Furthermore, Canada ranks sixth in the world leading the music industry. It’s no wonder many musicians rank on our lineup.


Justin Beiber


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Justin is from Ontario, Canada and was discovered from his YouTube videos. His single mother had the joy of raising him. Now Justin likes life with no parents and no rules.


Shania Twain


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Shania also has some challenging beginnings to her career, but she gained Diva status in the 90s. She is from Canada but currently, lives in Switzerland.


Celene Dion


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Celene is from Quebec and had to learn English to break into the English music market. She is another diva on our list who lives in Florida presently. She has a true love story to write about as well as sing.


Chad Kroeger


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Originally, Chad Robert Turton, Kroeger took on his mother’s name, and it stuck. He is from Alberta and his band, Nickelback also claims Canadian heritage. Kroeger is very busy as a vocalist, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur.


Bryan Guy Adams


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Adams was born in Ontario but traveled with his parents as a youth to several diplomatic postings. He has lived in Lisbon, England, Vienna, and Israel. Adams continues to tour and is very active with philanthropic projects.


Alanis Morissette


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Born in Ottawa, Morissette showed talent from the early age of six. At seven, she had experience composing music and at 14 already had attention from a record label. Alanis does not disappoint with her abilities not only to play music. She is also an actor.

Some other musicians from Canada are, KD Lang, Paula Abdul, Cree Summer, and let’s not forget Neil Young.


Dan Aykroyd


Brought up in Ontario, Aykroyd almost completed a degree in Criminology and Sociology. He chose instead to do a night circuit as a stand-up comedian. Hence, we all know him from Saturday night live. He has many movies and is married to long time love, Donna Dixon.



Mike Myers


Myers’s parents are British through and through. He claims his British heritage more than Canadian. Myers got his big break on Saturday night live. He has many likable characters and one we all know and love, Shrek.


Jim Carrey



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Jim was born in Ontario but made his debut in Toronto. His comedy has been slapstick, and he has relied on physical humor to a large extent. These days, Carrey is a little more serious as his spirituality takes hold. However, that isn’t a surprise after many of his acting parts portray men who were suddenly under supernatural influences.


Kneau Reeves


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His name in Hawaiian means “cool breeze over the mountains.’ Kneau is the son of a Hawaiian born geologist. His mother is originally from England. Kneau was born in Lebanon, moved to New York and then Toronto. He is a well-established actor, producer, and director.


Kiefer Sutherland


Son of well-known actor Donald Sutherland, Kiefer was born in England with a twin sister, Rachel. When his parents divorced, he moved from California to Toronto. Moreover, it is there he attended Catholic school until he was 15. Kiefer has a long list of films and roles in his portfolio


Mathew Perry


We all know him as Chandler from the hit TV series, Friends. However, Perry has had many appearances on other series as well as a few films under his belt. Nevertheless, like others on our list, Perry has the dual US and Canadian citizenship.


Pamela Anderson


Anderson has wowed audiences with her curvaceous presence as an actress and model. She continues to display her body for the betterment of her businesses. Anderson was born in British Columbia.

Meanwhile, there you have an incomplete list of the many Canadian Talents. There so many brilliant actors. Keep a look out for more. They will surprise you.

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