Caught on Video: Chilling Moment Serial Killer’s Victim Freed

Caught on Video: Chilling Moment Serial Killer's Victim Freed
Caught on Video: Chilling Moment Serial Killer's Victim Freed

The chilling moment that authorities released Kala Brown from the chains that serial killer Todd Kohlhepp was keeping her imprisoned in was revealed in a video recently released to the public

In November 2016, authorities descended upon a South Carolina property and broke open a large shipping container, setting Kala Brown free from the makeshift prison that serial killer Todd Kohlhepp had created for her.

On June 11, prosecutors released disturbing video images of the moments that detectives bust open the locks and entered a pitch black interior with torches and guns, not knowing precisely what they would discover inside. From the outside, they could hear Brown screaming for help, and they wasted no time to rescue her.

Mysteriously, two months previously, Brown and her boyfriend Charles Carver had gone missing. However, the family became confused when Carver appeared to start to post messages on his Facebook account. Such activity was something he rarely had done in the past. What the police would shockingly discover would clearly ascertain that someone, likely Kohlhepp, had hacked Carver’s account.


Chained like a dog

Ultimately, detectives found Brown at the back of the container chained with her hands behind her back, with another chain around her neck suspended from the ceiling, “like a dog.”  Later, Brown would report the great sense of relief and calm that descended upon her the moment she knew police were finally going to rescue her from her two-month hostage ordeal.

As officers freed the terrified 30-year-old, she calmly explained what had happened to Carver. Horrifyingly, she informed police that Kohlhepp had murdered him in cold blood by shooting him numerous times in the chest. Brown explained how Kohlhepp had wrapped him in a blue tarp and driven away with him in the bucket of his tractor. Kohlhepp left her tied and bound, not knowing what would be her fate.

Upon Kohlepp’s return, he explained that Carver was “dead and buried“. Coldly, he explained that as long as she complied with everything he wanted from her, she would survive. Kohlepp would end raping her for the months he kept her hostage. She decided to be obedient to stay alive. Furthermore, during that time, he disclosed he had murdered another married couple and had also buried them on the property.


Serial killer Kohlhepp pleads guilty

Kohlhepp ultimately confessed to the murders of 7 people, 3 of which he buried on his extensive almost 100-acre property. He suggested there was a 4th body there. However, so far, forensics detectives have not recovered anymore. Additionally, Kohlhepp confessed to a further series of previously unsolved murders 13 years ago.

Allegedly he went on a shooting spree killing four individuals in a motorcycle shop. Chillingly, he was able to describe to police what happened in accurate detail.

Disturbingly, Kohlhepp proudly and coldly confessed to each of the killings. He decided to submit a guilty plea to avoid the death sentence. Currently, he is serving seven life sentences in prison.