Wednesday, June 28, 2017


OMG! Thieves Can Easily Hack the Samsung S8

OMG! Thieves Can Easily Hack Your Samsung S8!

A shocking video has surfaced revealing how thieves can unlock the Samsung S8 via a hack that only takes minutes! Your Samsung S8 is vulnerable...
Enormous WikiLeaks Dump: How the CIA Could Hack You!

Enormous WikiLeaks Dump: How the CIA Could Hack You!

On Tuesday, March 7, WikiLeaks went public exposing the Central Intelligence Agency's ability to hack all of your technology. The CIA have cyberweapons that can...
ColorWare Offering Dyed Apple AirPodsvideo

Surprise: ColorWare Offering Dyed Apple AirPods

Apple is known for its stark, neutral colors and clean lines. But Minnesota-based company ColorWare is giving Apple products a vibrant new life. ColorWare customizes...
Apple to Open Manufacturing Plant in India

iPhone: Apple Manufacturing Plant in India Soon to Open

Apple iPhone manufacturing will commence in India by the end of April 2017 Extensive negotiations have taken place between Apple and India regarding opening a...

Former Porsche Engineer Hired At Apple

Apple's automotive plans continue to perplex industry experts. In October, Bloomberg reported that the tech giant had scaled back its automotive plans amid a series...