Tuesday, February 20, 2018


An illustration of a Cretaceous arachnid Chimerarachne yingi found in Myanmar

Arachnophobes Take Heed – This Ancient Spider Had A Whip-Like Tail

By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) If you are not a fan of spiders, you may not like the creepy little arachnid scientists found entombed in...
Actress Helen Mirren poses for a portrait in promotion of her role playing the heiress to the Winchester fortune in the upcoming film "Winchester" in Los Angeles

Helen Mirren Delves into The Haunted Mystery of ‘Winchester’

By Rollo Ross LOS ANGELES (Reuters)  With its 160 rooms and rumored ghosts hiding among the darkened corners, the mystery of Winchester House, built by Sarah...
Honey and Barry Sherman at the annual United Jewish Appeal (UJA) fundraiser in Toronto

Canadian Pharmaceutical Billionaire Couple Was Murdered – Police

TORONTO (Reuters)  Canadian pharmaceutical billionaire couple Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered in a targeted killing, Toronto police investigators said on Friday in their first...
Arthur Rathburn is pictured at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

Body Broker Who Sold Diseased Remains Is Convicted of Fraud

By John Shiffman WASHINGTON (Reuters) A Detroit businessman who sold and leased donated body parts for two decades was convicted Monday of defrauding medical customers...
Former nurse Niels H. masks his face with a folder on his arrival in the courtroom in Oldenburg

OMG! German Killer Nurse Charged with 97 New Murders

BERLIN (Reuters) German public prosecutors on Monday said they had brought new charges against a killer nurse already serving a life sentence for murdering...
David Turpin appears in court for his arraignment in Riverside

Starving California Children Taunted with Pie, Beaten by Parents – Prosecutor

By Tori Richards RIVERSIDE, Calif. (Reuters) The 13 children imprisoned for years by their parents in their squalid California home were beaten, shackled, starved and even...