Friday, October 19, 2018


NASA handsout of the newly-attached Permanent Multipurpose Module and a docked Russian Soyuz spacecraft

Russia Weighs Possibility of Deliberate Act in Space Station Damage

By Joey Roulette (Reuters)  Russia's space agency said on Wednesday it hopes to announce the origin of a small hole found on a Russian module docked...
Firefighters try to extinguish a fire at the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro

Skull of Ancient Human Possibly Found in Burned Brazilian Museum

By Gabriel Stargardter RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters)  Firefighters combing through the charred remains of Brazil's National Museum have found a skull that may belong to its...
The United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket payload fairing is seen with the NASA and Parker Solar Probe emblems at Launch Complex 37 Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

NASA Launches Probe to Go Deep into Sun’s Scorching Atmosphere

(Reuters) NASA launched a space probe early Sunday that will go closer to the Sun than any spacecraft before, the agency announced The craft will...
Scientists confirm Einstein's supermassive black hole theory

Scientists Confirm Einstein’s Supermassive Black Hole Theory

BERLIN (Reuters) A team of international scientists observing a star in the Milky Way have for the first time confirmed Einstein's predictions of what happens...
A view of Ophir Chasma on the northern portion of the vast Mars canyon system, Vallles Marineris, taken by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Underground Lake Found on Mars, Raising Possibility of Life

By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters)  Using a radar instrument on an orbiting spacecraft, scientists have spotted what they said on Wednesday appears to be a sizable...
An artist's rendering of Lingwulong shenqi, a newly discovered dinosaur unearthed in northwestern China

‘Amazing Dragon’ Fossils Rewrite History of Long-Necked Dinosaurs

By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) Fossils unearthed on a hillside in northwestern China are forcing scientists to rethink the history of a dinosaur lineage that...
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