Capricorn – Zodiac Weather Report 11th-17th March 2018

Capricorn astrological weather report for the coming week 11th-17th March 2018

Zodiac - Capricorn - Weekly
Zodiac - Capricorn - Weekly

Weekly Capricorn horoscopes for the 11th-17th March 2018 – with a difference! We tell you the planetary weather, and you decide how you will plan around it! Will you take an umbrella? Will you dance in the rain? Or will you fall in a puddle? Same weather, different outcomes!


This astrological weather report for the 11th-17th March 2018 is for people with predominantly Capricorn energies in their chart. For example, this could be if Capricorn is your sun sign, rising sign, or moon sign. The critical areas of life which will demand your focus this week are your identity, financial concerns, and communication.


Your evolving self

As the week begins, you get a strong sense that who you are as a person is deepening and evolving. Quite likely, you feel this is the result of how a significant other is bringing light into your life, and awakening you to new ways of being. Still, mentally, you may feel as though you are walking through a bit of a fog.

This could be connected to feeling slightly befuddled by conflict in your home, where things are getting a little too unpredictable for your comfort. But time with friends will offer you opportunities to be yourself.


Upgrading the home

During the rest of the week, you may feel as though family members are viewing you as you some kind of money tree. It could be that there are necessary purchases to be made due to some unexpected events at home. Possibly some repairs or upgrades are in order. Maybe you just wish to change the decor. All the while, you long to escape with friends, which has become a source of positive energy in your life. However, at this time, you will have to practice patience.


Recharging with friends

As the weekend arrives, you may start to feel a little disillusioned when entering into conversations with friends, and try to get your point across seems like punching under water. Nevertheless, your friends appear to read between the lines, and you can still interact in a way that you find personally recharging and revitalizing. You may also have a particularly vivid dream, which gives you tremendous insight into the workings of your subconscious. So, try to get a good night sleep, and avoid late nights, to reap the benefits.