Does Smoking Cannabis Cure Cancer?

Does Smoking Cannabis Cure Cancer?

Does Cannabis Cure Cancer
Does Cannabis Cure Cancer

Smoking joints will not cure you of cancer

After all, one of the most famous advocates of marijuana, Bob Marley, died of cancer at the age of 36. Clearly, cannabis did not cure his cancer, despite his daily use of the substance. Likewise, cannabis does not cure cancer for anyone.

However, some scientists are studying components of marijuana. This is to determine its potential health benefits to cancer patients. And excitingly, there are a few. There is evidence that marijuana can reduce nausea and vomiting in chemotherapy patients. This is tremendous news, as it contributes to the cure by alleviating suffering.

Cannabis could also increase the appetite of chemotherapy patients. This enables them to receive vital nutrition to enhance their health. Good health is the foundation of healing and overcoming illness. But it isn’t a cure.

It is understandable that desperate patients want to try every possible avenue to cure cancer. Receiving a cancer diagnosis is like having received a death sentence. People will do whatever it takes to overturn it.

Cancer patients feel at the mercy of those holding the remedies and therapies

They must trust them, without having a scientific understanding of why such a treatment might work.

As cancer is a category of disease, not a single disease, it can be harmful to suggest there is one definitive remedy. Cannabinoids have demonstrated apoptotic activity in Petri dishes, against pancreatic tumor cells. However, tests in a petri dish do not represent a cure in a human. There was also evidence that there could be some negative side-effects.

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