Cancer Intuitive Monthly Horoscope – July 2018

July brings a mixed bag of celestial energies

Zodiac - Cancer
Zodiac - Cancer

July asks you to take the good with the bad and embrace the mixed bag of celestial energies that will take you on a rollercoaster throughout the month


The month of July brings life-changing energies that will ask you to dance with them. Jupiter finally goes direct on the 10th of July, which means any treasure you have been mining for can be brought to the surface.

Hold onto this treasure, as it will see you through great impulses for change.  The new moon on the 13th is a partial solar eclipse that is opposite the planet of power and control, Pluto.

At the end of the month, on the 26th, we will experience a total lunar eclipse conjunct a retrograde Mars. Universal instincts will be strong throughout July, and egos will be stripped, like in the story of the Emperor’s new clothes.

Finally, Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Leo on the 26th. Until early September, it is important to remember to listen and not assume anything.

But how will these energies personally impel you? This reading is for Cancer sun sign, ascendant sign, or moon sign:


Exuding light

Your expanding consciousness appears to be reflected on your very face and exudes through your personality, which others notice. Furthermore, you feel that you are able to express yourself creatively in an extremely positive way, and feel confident about what gifts you have to offer the world.

Additionally, when you sense a need for security when working on your life goals, you will find you can communicate clearly about the physical resources you require. Also, pay attention, as an outside source of financial support may become available if you take the opportunity to reach out.

Later, when the sun moves into your sign of Cancer on around the 22nd of July, friends may encourage you to go on a foreign getaway, which could further expand your consciousness.


When Jupiter goes direct

After a period of digging deep for inner creative treasures, you may now find that you can bring much of your light into the world in a tangible way.


Power packed lunar action

The new moon on the 13th: Your intuition is to move forward as your best self. Indeed, your instinct to hold back seems mostly overcome. Nevertheless, this could result in a powerful response from a significant other.

The full moon on the 26th: You wish to move forward with obtaining resources you feel you need right now. But this could stand in contrast to any instincts and fears that hold you back. You may find that you need to retrace your steps. Actively seek out external support to obtain what you need, without any ego attached.


Mercury Retrograde

Mercury begins the second of its three annual retrogrades, on the 26th of July, and will last a few weeks. You are entering a period whereby what you value may be misunderstood by others.

For around a month, it is important for you to reevaluate those values. During this time, bring yourself to a place of greater clarity and authenticity. It could be that, in the past, you did not indeed live by your values. But now is the time to remove any hypocrisy.