OMG! Cancer & Cell Phones – What’s the Connection? ( video )

OMG! Cancer & Cell Phones - What's the Connection?
OMG! Cancer & Cell Phones - What's the Connection?

Increased usage of cell phones is on the rise

Operation of mobile subscriptions is estimated at five billion. This is on a global scale. Does that mean our risk of cancer is connected to cell phones?

Cell phones emit an electromagnetic radiation [EM]. Without going into lengthy detail about radiation and energy, EM is a form of energy that surrounds us. It takes many forms such as microwaves, radio waves, and light waves. Sunlight emits a form of EM energy also. It is the radiation that everyone is worried about.

Much research is going towards this question. Some focus on brain cancer. Traditionally we hold our phones to our ears to speak. Therefore, proximity implies a correlation to the brain.

Hold the phone! Why are researchers not investigating effects of radiation to our hands? What about skin cancer? Our skin comes in direct contact with our phones.

Let’s look at ten different studies and see if their results are cause for concern.


Infographic: The Phones Emitting the Most Radiation | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista


Interphone Study

This international case-control study focused on the correlation of mobile phones to increase the risk of brain tumors. It employed fifty scientists and cost $24 million. Starting in 2000, it reached thirteen countries. Published in 2010, were the results.


International Agency for Research on Cancer  – IARC

Since 2011, the IARC established a working group of thirty one scientist for fourteen different countries to assess the harm from wireless communications. Taken into account was the radiation, exposure, short term and long term effects and other environmental exposures. They classified cell phone use as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.


American Cancer Society – ACS

Since 1946, the American Cancer Society has done research on every type of cancer imaginable. ACS explains the radio-frequency waves emit a non ionizing radiation. That is to say, they don’t have enough energy to cause cancer.

Neither by directly damaging DNA nor heating up human tissue it comes in contact with. Ionizing radiation is stronger and can break chemical bonds. Types of ionizing radiation are found in X-rays, gamma rays and ultraviolet let from the sun.


National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences – NIEHS

NIEHS houses the largest rodent laboratory. Furthermore, they have joined in the research to clarify potential hazards from mobile phone radiation. The studies were designed to imitate human exposure based on energy frequencies and models in the United States.



OMG! Cancer & Cell Phones – What’s the Connection?


United States Food and Drug Administration  – FDA

We all know the FDA studies food and drugs for potential dangers and risks. Who knew they would partake in the study of something completely unrelated to sustenance and medications. Nonetheless, they put out classifications to identify harmful categories.



Conducted in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Norway, this case control study concentrated on children diagnosed with brain tumors. Furthermore, between 2004-2008 within an age range from seven until nineteen, researchers determined whether there was a correlation.


United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – CDC

The CDC recommends reducing the radio-frequency radiation close to your body. They have listed several tips for cell phone usage. For example, use hands-free settings and your speaker phone whenever possible. It you have a pacemaker, contact your health provider.




Federal Communications Commission  – FCC

There are no national standards to indicate safe levels of exposure to radio frequency energy. Moreover, the federal government recommends the identical recommendations as the CDC. Their epidemiology studies on cell phone exposure showed no risk.


Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology

Spain conducted an international case study called MOBI-KIDS. Consequently, the objective overall is to assess the potential risk of brain tumors. In addition, cancer links to communication devices and environmental influences.

Across the board, every single one of the studies was inconclusive. Data and research proved zero connection or cause of wireless technology to cancer. However, there is one more study on our list.



Launched in 2010, this study will span twenty or thirty years into the future. 290,000 people ranging in age from eighteen and up, will be surveyed currently and in years to come. There is no way to predict the outcome of this study.