Who Can You Trust When Vaccinations Go Mandatory?

Italian and French parents don't know who to trust now vaccinating children is mandatory | Photo by Pan American Health Organization PAHO on Visualhunt / CC BY-ND

Who Can You Trust When Vaccinations Go Mandatory
Who Can You Trust When Vaccinations Go Mandatory

Italy and France have made it mandatory for all children to receive vaccinations before they are permitted to attend school, and parents are left panicking about who they can trust

Many parents develop grave fears and diminishing trust when Governments making things like vaccinations for children mandatory. So when Italy and France recently made childhood vaccinations compulsory, Italian and French parents were left confused as to who they could believe on the issue.



Not only will the French and Italian government forbid parents from sending unvaccinated children to school, but they also will fine them. This decision allegedly comes from an increased skepticism surrounding vaccinations that have swept across the two countries.

Currently, in Italy, over 20% of two-year-olds have not received the measles vaccination. This is in contrast with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation that a minimum of 95% of children gets the vaccine. The WHO claims that measles is potentially deadly, as well as being highly contagious. Allegedly, measles outbreaks in Italy have increased threefold.


Conspiracy theories or genuine concerns?

The Italian government blames conspiracy theorists for the drop in vaccination numbers. Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni told a press conference

According to what is called the Lorenzin decree, from July 2017, parents must ensure that all their children under the age of 16 receive ten free-of-charge mandatory vaccines. These are for polio, hepatitis B, tetanus, measles, Haemophilus influenzae Type B, diphtheria, mumps, rubella, pertussis, and varicella.


The lack of appropriate measures over the years and the spread of anti-scientific theories, especially in recent months, has brought about a reduction in protection.



Likewise, in France, parents must ensure that their children receive eleven compulsory vaccinations. Already, however, France considers diphtheria, tetanus, and polio to be mandatory inoculations. French Prime Minister Philippe Edouard claims that measles has become a deadly epidemic in France. He said, “in the country of Pasteur, that is unacceptable.”



Understandably, French and Italian parents are up in arms in protest over the legislation

Naturally, whenever the state takes parenting decisions away from parents it sets off alarm bells. This is also the case for any kinds of life decisions that a government wants to take away from any citizen. Indeed, even if there are legitimate reasons to vaccinate children, any government teeters over to the grey area of dictatorship when it reduces human freedoms on this planet we are all born equally upon.

In our technologically advanced world full of information overload, parenting becomes a minefield. Parents want to do what is best for their children. They only desire that their offspring live long, healthy and prosperous lives. Therefore, when parents feel that there is a grey area of doubt as to whether something will help or hinder their children, panic and anxiety ensue. Primarily when an issue provides no clarity or objective guidance.


The topic of vaccinations is one such grey area

However, if you speak to those who are staunchly pro- or anti- then you would think the issue was black and white. And of course, to them, it is black and white in favor only of their perspective. Consequently, mudslinging matches occur within this sensitive debate.

Ultimately, this means that those who view the topic as black and white just become more stubborn and passionate about their viewpoint, incapable of seeing any other. The arguments become circular and exhausting, never achieving any clarity.

Subsequently, many parents seeking the truth about what is best for their precious children are left confused, without knowing which side to trust. To most people, their children are the most valuable gifts they have received in this life. Therefore, what they expose their children to is something parents will consider in great depth.


Parents gravitate towards whatever makes them feel will provide the most security and safety for their children

Therefore, when it comes to preventing illness, parents will research tirelessly to figure out what is the best route to take to protect their offspring. However, parent’s reach a point of despair, not knowing who or what to trust. Especially when opposing sides make them feel “damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Both sides fear-monger and utilize mockery to persuade parents to believe what they claim. Additionally, both sides of the argument twist statistics and resort to non-expert celebrity voices to trumpet their claims. One could even start to believe that this is yet another instance of divide and conquer covering up something more sinister.


Controversial proponents on both sides of the vaccination arguments

A prime example is a new age hack called David Wolfe. He released a recent viral video spreading an anti-vaccination message about the current Italian and French mandatory vaccination legislation. Unfortunately, Wolfe’s notoriety could do the anti-vaccination argument a substantial detrimental blow.

Wolfe is notorious for making baseless and bizarre claims about all sorts of things. For example, Wolfe claims that gravity is a toxin! Immediately, upon hearing such nonsense, most people would become profoundly skeptical of any of his further opinions on any subject.

In typical propaganda style, Wolfe utilizes an anxiety infused musical soundtrack to accompany this video. Wolfe claims in the video that the real motivation behind Italy and France’s decision to make vaccinations compulsory is profiteering Big Pharma.


Facebook Video(David Wolfe):



According to Wolfe “Italy is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical sectors

Wolfe then presents a quote by Robert F. Kennedy Jr, who is a vocal vaccination skepticVaccines are big business, and the new vaccine mandate ensures the continued flow of profits to the $32 billion industry despite steady erosion of public confidence in vaccine safety.

However, in the other camp, pro-vaccination claims also can raise suspicions of legitimacy. Pro-vaccination campaigners resorted to Las Vegas magicians to shame parents into vaccinating their children. Entertainers Penn Jillette and Raymond Teller began their career together combining mime and magic tricks, utilizing shock tactics to wow their audiences.

Apparently, the pro-vaccination crowd figured that these shock tactics could become the perfect propaganda tool to coerce parents into vaccinating their children. In their video, which contains as much scientific evidence as Wolfe’s video, they throw balls at little plastic figurines signifying their deaths.


Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Both pro- and anti-vaccination proponents have a mirror image argument that provides no sound solution for concerned parents. Anti-vaccination proponents will shout “you are going to kill your kid if you vaccinate.” Pro-vaccination proponents will retort with “you are going to kill your kid if you do not vaccinate.” What is a parent to do?

American parents, for example, are bombarded with sinister pharmaceutical marketing tactics on a daily basis. Additionally, American hospitals can inflate prices over a thousand-fold in many cases. Horrifyingly, this is for no other reason than to make a profit. Is it any surprise that parents would be skeptical of a pharmaceutical industry, the medical establishment, and an insurance industry that is profit driven?


The health of the public is blatantly not the top of any of these billion dollar corporation’s agendas

In fact, public health would appear to be something which these profiteering giants would wish to prevent. Healthy citizens seemingly do not funnel profits into the pharmaceutical industry, medical establishment or insurance industry.

On the other hand, natural medicine practitioners and other snake oil salespeople, such as David Wolfe, are also in their business to make a profit. How is a parent supposed to navigate all the money-motivated vaccination claims bombarding them non-stop?

To make matters worse, both the pro- and anti- camps will slay any expert who attempts to tread a middle road. For example, Dr. Bob Sears decided to do unbiased research into the science involved on both sides of the debate. Consequently, he devised an alternative vaccination schedule.



Desparingly for parents, both sides deride the middle road

Sears claims he does not believe he has any right to tell parents whether or not they should vaccinate. He believes parents should trust their own research and instincts. Additionally, he states that he is not anti-vaccination, and believes that vaccinations are a miraculous addition to our modern world. Nevertheless, ironically, his middle ground approach sees both anti-vaccinators and pro-vaccinators considering him to be promoting a dangerous narrative.

It seems you can’t win. Vaccinations are just one area of parenting that is wrought with chaotic and confusing information. Additionally, parents feel bombarded with questions about whether they should give birth in a hospital or at home. Should they breastfeed or bottle feed? Should they send their child to public school or private school? It never ends.

The root of the vaccination debate appears to be the same as all of the other parenting arguments. Until that root is dug out, the weed of misinformation from all camps will continue to choke any parent’s attempts at achieving trust and making informed choices.


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Photo by Pan American Health Organization PAHO on Visualhunt / CC BY-ND