Italy and France have made it mandatory for all children to receive vaccinations before they are permitted to attend school, and parents are left panicking about who they can trust

Many parents develop grave fears and diminishing trust when Governments making things like vaccinations for children mandatory. So when Italy and France recently made childhood vaccinations compulsory, Italian and French parents were left confused as to who they could believe on the issue.



Not only will the French and Italian government forbid parents from sending unvaccinated children to school, but they also will fine them. This decision allegedly comes from an increased skepticism surrounding vaccinations that have swept across the two countries.

Currently, in Italy, over 20% of two-year-olds have not received the measles vaccination. This is in contrast with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation that a minimum of 95% of children gets the vaccine. The WHO claims that measles is potentially deadly, as well as being highly contagious. Allegedly, measles outbreaks in Italy have increased threefold.


Conspiracy theories or genuine concerns?

The Italian government blames conspiracy theorists for the drop in vaccination numbers. Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni told a press conference

The lack of appropriate measures over the years and the spread of anti-scientific theories, especially in recent months, has brought about a reduction in protection.

According to what is called the Lorenzin decree, from July 2017, parents must ensure that all their children under the age of 16 receive ten free-of-charge mandatory vaccines. These are for polio, hepatitis B, tetanus, measles, Haemophilus influenzae Type B, diphtheria, mumps, rubella, pertussis, and varicella.

Likewise, in France, parents must ensure that their children receive eleven compulsory vaccinations. Already, however, France considers diphtheria, tetanus, and polio to be mandatory inoculations. French Prime Minister Philippe Edouard claims that measles has become a deadly epidemic in France. He said, “in the country of Pasteur, that is unacceptable.”



Understandably, French and Italian parents are up in arms in protest over the legislation

Naturally, whenever the state takes parenting decisions away from parents it sets off alarm bells. This is also the case for any kinds of life decisions that a government wants to take away from any citizen. Indeed, even if there are legitimate reasons to vaccinate children, any government teeters over to the grey area of dictatorship when it reduces human freedoms on this planet we are all born equally upon.

In our technologically advanced world full of information overload, parenting becomes a minefield. Parents want to do what is best for their children. They only desire that their offspring live long, healthy and prosperous lives. Therefore, when parents feel that there is a grey area of doubt as to whether something will help or hinder their children, panic and anxiety ensue. Primarily when an issue provides no clarity or objective guidance.


The topic of vaccinations is one such grey area

However, if you speak to those who are staunchly pro- or anti- then you would think the issue was black and white. And of course, to them, it is black and white in favor only of their perspective. Consequently, mudslinging matches occur within this sensitive debate.

Ultimately, this means that those who view the topic as black and white just become more stubborn and passionate about their viewpoint, incapable of seeing any other. The arguments become circular and exhausting, never achieving any clarity.

Subsequently, many parents seeking the truth about what is best for their precious children are left confused, without knowing which side to trust. To most people, their children are the most valuable gifts they have received in this life. Therefore, what they expose their children to is something parents will consider in great depth.



Parents gravitate towards whatever makes them feel will provide the most security and safety for their children

Therefore, when it comes to preventing illness, parents will research tirelessly to figure out what is the best route to take to protect their offspring. However, parent’s reach a point of despair, not knowing who or what to trust. Especially when opposing sides make them feel “damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Both sides fear-monger and utilize mockery to persuade parents to believe what they claim. Additionally, both sides of the argument twist statistics and resort to non-expert celebrity voices to trumpet their claims. One could even start to believe that this is yet another instance of divide and conquer covering up something more sinister.


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