We’ve seen horror, heartwarming, thrillers, adventure, science fiction, love stories, real stories depictions and family movies that have moved us to tears, laughter, and anticipation


The spectrum of emotions was hit by every single film this year as we wrap it up with holiday season releases. While many movies have made it in the big leagues and Hollywood’s corrupt circles, there are still many that outrank the awards ceremonies just for following the rules and hushed secrets of Hollywood.

The list of films that have made it to the top for content quality, acting ability, and screenplay grace this article. If you haven’t seen the films yet, they are worth the time. Each one on our list will move you in some way. Notably, the numerous other films not listed are equally good views.


The Lego Batman Movie

Production By: Warner Animation Group
Genre: Fantasy/Action
Budget: $80 millions USD


YOUTUBE Official Trailer:

This entertaining, funny family movie kicks up its heels at the story of Batman. The humor is heartwarming, and the tale takes a new direction you would not expect for a super hero. The numerous references to previous comics, movies, and cartoons poke fun and bring the hero into a somewhat new light as he struggles with his darkest fears. It is something we haven’t seen from Bruce Wayne previously.


Hidden Figures

Production By: Fox 2000 Production, Chernin Entertainment, Levantine Films
Genre: Biographical Drama
Budget: $25 million USD


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This film depicts the true story of the ordinary and extraordinary women who made an astonishing contribution to NASA during their lifetime. During an age before computers were pocket sized, these brilliant women with mathematical genius displayed their masterminds with dignity, humility, and modesty. During a time of racial and gender discrimination, Katherine Johnson and her colleagues stood head and heal above the rest with their simple yet confident demeanor. We can all learn from them and their brilliant modesty.



Production By: Blinding Edge Pictures, Blumhouse Productions
Genre: Psychological Horror
Budget: $9 million USD


YOUTUBE Official Trailer:

The story of a psychopath/split personality who kidnaps three friends and their beautifully horrific experiences play out seamlessly. The acting in this film is impeccable and riveting. The undeniable psychology of each character is played out with precision and clarity.
Split is not a comfortable view. Despite the convincing characters, the content is disturbing. It is a classic terror film.

Wonder Woman

Production By: RatPac-Dune Entertainment, DC Films, Tencent Pictures, Wanda Pictures, Atlas Entertainment, Cruel and Unusual Films Productions
Genre: Superhero
Budget: $149 million USD


YOUTUBE Official Trailer:

Among all the other superhero films released this year, wonder woman stands alone. The story begins on her island of origin where Diana learns her identity and how to fight. The island of the Amazons is beautiful and the scenery compelling. When Steve Trevor washes ashore, havoc breaks loose, and the daughter of Hippolyta must leave with the conviction to save the world from the enemy of all humans and amazons, Aries the god of war.

This film was one of the most well-attended movies from all countries in the world. It was a box office hit, and Wonder Woman is still very popular. DC World is poised to release the Justice League, and we will soon see many of our heroes fighting together again.


Lady Macbeth

Production By: BBC Films, British Film Institute, Creative England, iFeatures, Protagonist Picture, Sixty Six Pictures
Genre: British Drama
Budget: $650,000 USD


YOUTUBE Official Trailer:

This box office hit has received much acclaim. The story is familiar and expected. However, the movie received rave reviews.

Set in 1865, a demure young bride, forced into a loveless marriage with a man twice her age. Restrictions on her behavior and freedom placed the young woman into boredom and isolation. When she finally finds herself a moment to breathe and take solace in nature, a catalyst of every emotion she has repressed comes to light. She experiences a younger man and must create the reality for which she yearns. Unfortunately, the consequences are grave.


The Hero

Production By: Houston King Productions, Northern Lights Films, Northern Lights Films and Media Ventures, Park Pictures
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
Box Office: $4.1 million USD


YOUTUBE Official Trailer:

Although this film did not receive the credit due, it tells the story of a selfish old talent, Lee Hayden. Lee’s self-centered life was spent hurting loved ones and chasing a career. He finds himself searching for one more moment of fame to cement his career before dying of cancer.

The part of Lee Hayden was written for and brilliantly cast to actor Sam Elliot. It is a piece that provokes much thought and contemplation about life and its meaning. Additionally, this Sundance hit forces the protagonist to reconnect and face his past. Something we all must do.


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