Bloody Whale Massacre Must End NOW!

Bloody Whale Massacre Must End NOW!

Bloody Whale Massacre Must End NOW!
Bloody Whale Massacre Must End NOW!

The sickening sight of a blood-soaked sea after a massacre is the stuff of horror films

Every year hundreds of highly intelligent pilot whales experience mind-blowing brutality.  Herded to their deaths by humans refusing to evolve beyond their primitive traditions.

How do we measure the worth of a living thing? If the measure is intelligence, then the slaughter of these beautiful creatures is, undoubtedly, murder. There are cultures on earth that still believe cannibalism is acceptable. This horrifies us, understandably. So too should the slaughter of any intelligent creature.

Elephants, dolphins, whales and the great apes share advanced cognitive features with us. Unlike other animals, they are capable of self-awareness. The brains of pilot whales are similar to elephant brains. They even have more neocortical neurons than humans, more than any other mammal.

“Science tells us that animals can have cognitive faculties that are superior to human beings”
– Dr. Arthur Saniotis, University of Adelaide, School of Medical Sciences


Pilot whales are immensely intelligent and extremely social

Family connections are loyal, with matriarchal pods staying together for generations. “Babysitting” behaviors exist in their groups. Male relatives will take care of calves on their own.

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