America ponders why it has an epidemic of mass shootings. Meanwhile, research suggests the media is complicit in perpetuation the needless bloodshed


Rarely a day goes by in America where there is not news of a mass shooting. What is so wrong with America, that is not wrong with the rest of the western world? Many people have their opinions about how the United States should change and adapt to prevent further senseless bloodshed. However, the American people appear resistant to change. Consequently, the violence and death perpetuate ad infinitum.



Most recently, the world received news from the US of it’s latest mass shooting. In Sutherland Springs Texas, an angry young man fired indiscriminately into a church congregation. Horrifically he hilled killed 26 people and injured 20 others. This massacre, the 5th worst in recent US history, comes only a little over a month after the worst mass shooting that the nation has experienced. On October 1, a gunman shot and killed 59 people attending a Las Vegas music festival.


According to statistics, there is rarely a day that goes by without a mass shooting in the US.

The definition of a mass shooting is more than four people being murdered by a gunman at the same time. However, it appears as though annually, America will experience at least one or two extreme massacres. Indeed, only a year ago, was the second-worst mass shooting in American history, the Orlando nightclub massacre. 49 people lost their lives.


Mass Shooting Deaths by Year |
Mass Shooting Deaths by Year |


Everytime an extreme mass shooting transpires, every American appears to have an opinion about what the nation should do to prevent further massacres. However, many myths persist in the US, which seems to prevent any prevention measures being implemented. Indeed, much advice from experts is even entirely ignored.



Like clockwork, after a mass shooting, politicians and activists will cry out for greater gun control. However, there is extreme resistance from a vast amount of US citizens who appear to have a love affair with gun ownership. These gun enthusiasts will list every excuse they can imagine to make sure that gun reform never transpires.


Is there a good reason for gun reform?

Many anti-gun lobbyists will bring examples of how gun reform has worked in other nations. For example, after the worst mass shooting in Australia’s history, the Port Arthur massacre in 1996, it became near impossible for anyone to own a gun. The government implemented a 12-month gun amnesty, whereby they would buy the guns back from gun owners before ownership became illegal. Additionally, the country instigated various other legislation.

However, many argue that there was something other than the gun legislation that dramatically reduced gun deaths in Australia. Not only did Australia never see another extreme massacre, different types of gun deaths were prevented, including homicides and suicides. But interestingly, murder and suicide by causes other than guns also dropped dramatically. Clearly, there was something more than simply gun legislation that was preventing instances such as mass shootings down under.

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