OMG! Bizarre Religious Cults People Still Join!

Bizarre Religious Cults People Still Join

Practicing wacky and inexplicable rituals and beliefs, people will flock to gurus and charismatic leaders and never question anything that is preached to them.

It seems absurd, how could anyone stoop to a level of irrationality that could lead them even to criminal activities, all in the name of their devotion to a religious cult? We explore below some of these bizarre religious cults, that still acquire new members to this day.


1. Raëlism

 Accused of doing sinister human cloning experiments, this cult is a UFO religion founded by Claude Vorilhon in 1974. He renamed himself Raël after claiming to have had contact with aliens. He claims that life arrived on the earth by means of extraterrestrials, and that prophets such as Jesus and Buddha were manifestations of them.




Also asserted is that these extraterrestrials appear in every generation to teach humanity to raise itself to a greater level of peace in order that the extraterrestrials can live amongst us. Raëlism claims that it is the final transmitter of this message.


2. Aetherius Society

Another UFO religion, containing members who are awaiting an extraterrestrial messiah who will arrive in a flying saucer. Founded in the 1950s by a taxi driver named George King, who claimed to have had contact with alien intelligence from Venus.

He asserted that the prophets of each religion in history had come from different planets in the solar system, and Aetherius was the most modern prophet. This cult believes its prayers are spiritually charging this planet in preparation for the arrival of the “Next Master.”





3. Creativity Movement

An immensely sinister white supremacy cult, very similar to the Ku Klux Klan, except their Creator is themselves. They see themselves, the white race, as supreme like a deity and worthy of cult like worship. They are notorious for utilizing terrorist threats to enforce their disturbing values.


4. New Mathura Vrindaban

An offshoot of the Hare Krishnas, Kirtanananda Swami, one of the original co-founders, became infamous after getting involved in illegal sales and a multi-million-dollar racketing scheme. His illegal businesses have enabled him to expand the cult’s control in the Midwestern and Northeast United States.



Bizarre Religious Cults People Still Join
Bizarre Religious Cults People Still Join



5. Eckankar

 Why members of this cult cannot see through the ruse of it’s corrupt leader is hard to understand. Not only are all of his religious writings heavily plagiarized or fabricated, he is also the CEO of the company that makes profits from the sale of his materials.

Nevertheless he promises enlightenment and out of body spiritual experiences, which is alluring for many people wishing to escape the harshness of reality.


6. The Brethren

 An itinerant cult that demands that its followers cut off from the outside world and forego earthly pleasures, they have earned the title “the Garbage Eaters”. Rejecting the modern world, they live in tightly closed groups and will forage even through dumpsters to recycle items they find to make the things they need to survive. Jimmie T.

Roberts founded the group in 1971 asserting that purifying yourself by living a borderline vagrant lifestyle, is the only way to prepare for the end of the world, which he believes is imminent. Families of cult members struggle to regain contact with children that they lose to it’s clutches.