Bill Gates Warns 30 Million Will Die from Bio Terrorism

Bill Gates Warns 30 Million Will Die from Bio Terrorism
Bill Gates Warns 30 Million Will Die from Bio Terrorism

Bill Gates gave a frightful warning about bioweapons being in the hands of terrorists 

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, he warned that 30 million people could die within a year. The billionaire is urging world governments to take initiatives to counter the threat.

Gates claims the threat of biowarfare is immensely more concerning than nuclear war or climate change. Unnamed security specialists concur. Changes in molecular biology over the past decade mean that even crudely obtained bioweapons could get into the hands of terrorists.


Prior to this dire warning, US and UK intelligence agencies had played down the threat.

Media concerns rose about ISIS terrorists developing bioweapons in Syrian and Iraqi bases. The agencies downplayed the seriousness.

Their specialists assumed that these terrorists would not have advanced enough laboratory facilities. Access to skilled science personnel, would be too limited. The working environment not optimum, it being in a war zone.

But it looks like this is no longer an obstacle. Terrorists can obtain information from the internet to genetically engineer deadly contagious strains of smallpox or the flu. Gates believes world governments need to immediately become proactive.


Bill Gates Warns 30 Million Will Die from Bio Terrorism
Bill Gates Warns 30 Million Will Die from Bio Terrorism


Governments need to create a “medical arsenal of new weapons” and prepare military style for this threat

Surveillance efforts need stepping up and cooperation between nations initiated.

He reminded the audience that the globe has seen deadly pandemics before. Gates recalled the flu pandemic of 1918. Half a billion people became infected, leading to 100 million deaths.

Gates has big interest in this promotion of panic, as his solution is mass vaccination. But it is likely Governments will heed his warnings because money talks. The leaders of the world ride their population’s mass hysteria like surfers on a wave.




It doesn’t help that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has become embroiled in controversy. Scientists in India, such as Bandana Shiva believe that the computer genius should not give up his day job. He described the foundation as the “greatest threat to farmers in the developing world“.

Gates became embroiled in a vaccine controversy that the Supreme Court of India initiated an investigation into. Young tribal girls died after illegal Gardasil testing took place on them. The foundation stands accused a patronizing attitude. By enforcing technology, real solutions involving social and economic justice remain ignored.


Bill Gates Warns 30 Million Will Die from Bio Terrorism
Bill Gates Warns 30 Million Will Die from Bio Terrorism


So it seems humanity has more panic and anxiety to add to its plate

The globe is already struck in a frenzy of confusion and hysteria. Reducing social and economic turmoil is on everyone’s agenda, but conflict is rife. And in reality, humanity has always dealt with bioweapons as a threat. Gates is just bringing it back into our consciousness.

Under the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention and Geneva Protocol, bioweapons became outlawed. However, international law has never been a deterrent to determined rebels. The history of biowarfare stretches back to the dawn of time itself.

Probably the most famous instance of biological warfare in common knowledge is the story of Moses and the 10 plagues. Evidence from 1,500 BC showed the Hittites of Asia Minor sending plague victims into the heart of enemy territory.

Our ancestors have utilized disease to divide and conquer in whatever ways they can imagine. From catapulting diseased corpses, to poisoning wells. Native American tribes in Ottawa developed deadly smallpox after obtaining purposely infected blankets from the British.





In recent 20th century history, the Germans and Japanese used biowarfare

They utilized anthrax, and on one occasion the Japanese attempted to spread the plague by bombing with bags of infected fleas.

As recently as 1990, a Japanese religious cult called Aum Shinrikyo tried to create a mass murder using an aerosol of botulinum.

As can be seen, if we take a really good hard look at history, humanity has perpetually lived under threat of one thing or another.

Bill Gates is merely bringing to our attention one of the many things that have always been there. It is up to us to question him and his methods, and decide whether we will heed his frightening warning.



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