Biggest Speeding Fines Ever Issued

Biggest Speeding Fines Ever Issued

Biggest Speeding Fines Ever Issued
Biggest Speeding Fines Ever Issued

It is essential for anyone that drives an automobile to remember to do so with caution and only at a speed that enables the car to be kept under control. Speed limits are imposed to help regulate appropriate traffic speeds for safety, accessibility and environmental reasons.

These speed limits (in towns and on highways) are usually set in accordance with the state laws, traffic, visibility and the weather conditions in their respective countries are presented below:

Country Town speed limit (km/h) Highway speed limit (km/h)
USA 40 to 120 56 to 137
Germany 50 130 (advisory limit)
UK 48 112
Denmark 50 130
Canada 30 to 80 80 to 120
Finland 50 100 to 120
Germany 50 no limit

In Germany,  the town speed limit is 50km/h but there’s no national speed limit for vehicles on the highways (especially those that have a central reservation or a minimum of two marked lanes per direction). However, an advisory speed limit of 130km/h is recommended on such highways.

Indeed, everyone enjoys the euphoria derived from cruising down the highway in a sleek automobile, while listening to your favorite style of music. Sometimes you turn up the volume and lose consciousness of the stipulated speed limit… just when everything seems perfect, you get pulled over by the shrieking sound of a siren, and before you know it, you have been issued an automobile speeding ticket. How dreadful is that? And just when you think things can’t possibly get worse, you get an outrageous fine for speeding.

In different parts of the world, drivers are expected to drive within the stipulated speed limits. When drivers refuse to adhere to such laws, they are penalized for their actions. Some are faced with losing their license, or paying a huge fine for violating speed limits.

Some countries have jail terms for violators while some impound the vehicles. The amount of the fine issued for speeding varies in different parts of the world, – some of the countries known for issuing expensive speeding tickets to drivers include Finland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America. The biggest speeding fines ever issued in different parts of the world are briefly highlighted below:

  • The United States of America is known for its expensive speeding tickets. Georgia is one of the states to watch out for as individuals that violate the speed limit for the first time are likely to pay a maximum of $1000 per speeding tickets. Such people may also end up doing a 1-year jail term. Besides Georgia, Virginia is another state to demand caution while driving as its residents are likely to be issued a $3000 speeding ticket for violating speed limits. A more lenient state in the US is North Carolina with a speeding ticket fine of $1000 and a possible 60 days jail term. The maximum speeding ticket fine is also $1000 in New Hampshire and Nevada, though without any possible jail term.

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