Which are the best countries for expats to live in?

For many reasons, people may need to take their families abroad to live in different countries. More than likely that reason is employment. Below we explore which are the best countries for expats.


Best Countries for Living
Best Countries for Living


1. Singapore

The state of Singapore is categorically the best nation on the planet to live. National stability is an important consideration whilst living abroad, particularly when you are with your family. Singapore ranks high in regards to not just political stability but also socio-economic and individual security too.

Seventy-five percent of all expats believe that the nation’s economy will stay solid, and a large number are positive about the unwavering political steadiness. Certainly, there are the numbers.

However, shouldn’t something be said about the “katong laksa”, bean stew crab, and “bak kut teh”? We should be frank. The real reason expats adore Singapore is due to the culinary delights found in the hawker centers, isn’t that so?


2. New Zealand

Best Countries for Living - New Zealand
Best Countries for Living – New Zealand

New Zealand is ranked as the 2nd best country in the world to live in when we embark on identifying the top countries that offer the best quality lifestyle and present themselves as great places to live. The nature of everyday existence in New Zealand is exceptional, considering how effortlessly the people who move there merge themselves into the culture.

Expats experience great comfort and simplicity at the same time as finding convenience, making it possible for them to build a good life there. In everyone’s estimation, “Middle-earth” ends up as the winner, as expats report an accommodating, approachable atmosphere, with additional perks ranging from mountaineering to kayaking, to an enormous quantity of things to see and do.

Actually, New Zealanders working overseas miss their nation so deeply, that there’s a hotline for them to call to cure their homesickness.



3. Canada

Best Countries for Living - Canada
Best Countries for Living – Canada


Canada is near the top, with expats especially extolling the nation’s remarkable values of open-mindedness (Nearly half the expats asked insisted that this nation was more inviting to non-Canadians from diverse backgrounds, compared to their homeland).

Stability and well-being, with many other expats saying Canada offers them more security than any other place. This might sound astounding, however, ask yourself – encompassed by all that geographical splendor, would you also never want to leave this lovely nation?


4. The Republic of Czech

Best Countries for Living - Republic of Czech
Best Countries for Living – Republic of Czech

Many citizens and expats generally suggest it is the quality of the education coupled with a family friendly lifestyle, that is the motivation behind why they move to the Czech Republic and choose a life there with their family. When it comes to family life, the Czech Republic is second to just Sweden.

Be that as it may, this central European nation has the high ground in many different categories, particularly in regards to more unquantifiable things like an excellent standard of living and a very rich culture.


5. Switzerland

Best Countries for Living - Switzerland
Best Countries for Living – Switzerland

Money cannot buy happiness, yet in the event that it’s what you’re searching for, Switzerland is a quite decent place to begin that search. With regards to fiscal statistics, it stands out.

Typically, citizens of Switzerland are all extremely wealthy, having the capacity to create enduring nest eggs quicker than the worldwide median. Considering Zurich is considered one of the costliest capitals on the planet. You’ll definitely be required to bring additional money for that long weekend trek to the Alps you have arranged.



6. Norway

Best Countries for Living - Norway
Best Countries for Living – Norway

This rundown of the best 10 countries to live in would be incomplete without adding Norway, the Scandinavian country with a populace of nearly 5.3 million, which is continuously ranked as the best nation on the planet.

Norway considers a full lifestyle as essential to a quality existence. They take this very seriously, and to achieve this they have done things like placing a ban on vehicles that are powered by fossil fuels and establishing laws like “allemannsretten”. This law demands that all the land that is uncultivated, inclusive of the woodlands and the fjords, are open to all citizens to roam about and interplay with.

When the people of Norway are not traipsing through the wilds, they are enjoying a very positive working culture in their fortunate country.


7. Austria

Best Countries for Living - Austria
Best Countries for Living – Austria

Austria proves again to be the best country to live in for the seventh year running. Access to historic sights, lifestyle, well-being, and general simplicity of life, were all named as reasons why.

Austria makes the chief ten here, for similar reasons others already listed, but additionally due to the nature of family life in the nation. While it can be costlier to bring up children abroad, an incredible 77 percent of expats said the advantages, such as superior schooling, more comprehensive family healthcare. Austria stands at number one in that metric – are more than worth the expense.





8. Sweden

Best Countries for Living - Sweden
Best Countries for Living – Sweden

Settling on the choice to move abroad brings up a whole different world to consider, on top of the professional prospects—particularly in the event that you’ll be resettling with children. For families, there’s no better place to make a home than Sweden.

Truth be told, seventy-five percent of expats in the nation reported that their offspring’s satisfaction in life had been enhanced since moving and that Sweden offers advancements not provided by their nation of origin as far as their children’s well-being was concerned — despite dark and lengthy winters — and easy access to childcare.


9. Bahrain

Best Countries for Living - Bahrain
Best Countries for Living – Bahrain

This island kingdom in the Persian Gulf makes the top 10 list, and it’s not just due to the absence of income taxes thanks to an incalculable oil fortune.

Yes, the lion’s share of respondents (65 percent to be correct) said they had more extra cash than they did at home, however, Bahrain takes the top accolade in regards to another fundamental contribution to general personal satisfaction. Expats claim it is the simplest place to develop great friendships.


10. Germany

Best Countries for Living - Germany
Best Countries for Living – Germany

The EU shake-up created by the Brexit vote appears to have had next to no influence on this viewpoint: Germany came in the lead position for professional stability, exceptional lifestyle and financial security.

Things being what they are, how would you make the most out of a stretch in Germany? A few expats suggested learning to speak German, and placing your kids into the state funded school system, with the goal that they can also pick up the language.


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