Beloved Actor, Dustin Hoffman Commemorates 80th Birthday

Legendary actor Dustin Hoffman celebrates his 80th birthday this month.

Beloved Actor, Dustin Hoffman Commemorates 80th Birthday
Beloved Actor, Dustin Hoffman Commemorates 80th Birthday

Dustin Hoffman commemorates not only his birthday but also a lifetime of achievement and notable accomplishments.

Known as being one of the most versatile and captivating actors, starting out with a big break in The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman boldly embraces each character he portrays. Every role has been different with challenges demanding he reaches into his inner depths to find the essence with which to identify and emulate his character.

It is a talent beyond others if done with sincerity and humility. Hoffman delivers throughout his lifetime provocative and sensational performances repeatedly. His characters have made us think. Each one endearing and touching our hearts.

The single father from Kramer vs. Kramer, the autistic brother from The Rain Man, the man portraying a woman in Tootsie. Indeed, all these films plus many more illustrate Hoffman’s talent, imagination, and connection to his work.


Dustin has been married twice.

His first marriage to Anne Byrne brought with it the inspiring love for a child. He adopted Byrne’s daughter and had raised her as his own. His second wife, Lisa Gottsegen, is a business woman in her own right. They have four children together plus two grandchildren. Hoffman is proud that they have all been Bar and Bat mitzvot.

Hoffman’s spark of soul intuition is driving him closer to a more religious lifestyle as of late. He desires to speak and read Hebrew more proficiently.

Like so many of us, even this fascinating actor had suffered a fight with cancer in 2013. Currently, he along with his loved ones breathe a sigh of relief that he is cancer free.



Hoffman has thrown his hat into the ring as director.

His directing debut has come with the Quartet. A comedy about aging musicians who go to a retirement home and spend their days singing and making music of all kinds. Filmed in Britain, this movie features some brilliant performances and endearing life dramas.

Among the numerous interviews of Dustin Hoffman, each one reveals true purpose and dedication to his acting. Thoughtful research and learning take his time and concentration. However, it always pays off with shining reviews.

There have been just as many roles Hoffman has rejected as there have been accepted. Consequently, he is diligent and intent with each endeavor he undertakes. His life is not without regrets as we all well understand.

Nevertheless, there are many things he would like to do over. Having confessed that at one point he felt he did not deserve success and turned down brilliant roles because of this.


Everyone can learn a thing or two from such a seasoned actor and evolved individual.

Some of his notable achievements include nominations and awards from Hollywood Film Award, Daytime Emmy Award, Chicago International Film Festival, Behind the Voice Actors Award, AARP Movies for Grownups Awards, BAFTA Award, Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globes, and Academy Awards.

Furthermore, Dustin Hoffman’s achievements over the years shape his life and touch so many more. It is with great honor and profound respect that we wish a very Happy Birthday to you, Dustin! May you have much more to come!