Origins of Illuminati began in Bavaria, Switzerland and England

Locked away in a laboratory in Basal Switzerland, scientists engineer all kinds of synthetic pills that will have any effect they desire. This unknown certainty has been real for decades.

In fact, in 1938 at the very same lab, following orders to create a drug that it’s designers intended for mind control and psychological torture, a creation of the drug LSD originated.



Immediately following its inception concealed experiments on U.S. citizens under CIA supervision and power, the gathering of data and all manner of surveillance notified the elite Illuminati group of the drug’s effect.

MK Ultra was the top-secret CIA project name for an operation that took place between 1953-1973. Besides LSD, other drugs such as MDMA (ecstasy), mescaline, heroin, barbiturates, methamphetamine and psilocybin (magic mushrooms), harnessed brainwashing. Nevertheless, there have been and continue to be many covert operations conducted and surveyed by the CIA, FBI, MI5 and many more secret service organizations run by the Illuminati or Freemasons.

Operation Midnight Climax assigned and paid prostitutes to drug clients, bring them to their rooms while a CIA agent studied the effect and behavior during the interlude.




Operation Chaos conducted additional domestic surveillance at a CIA secret Army base in Laurel Canyon. Initially, Laurel Canyon was a small curved road with not much to see. However, this core grew to coordinate the rock and roll music movement. All at once music stars were born and equipment appeared with which to film and record studio productions that would equal if not surpass that of Hollywood.


Additionally, LSD was passed around like candy in a chocolate factory

The lab in Switzerland could not predict that the drug would have the opposite effect than initially intended. LSD freed the mind and a revolution of a counterculture, going against the norms of society resulted. Flower power grew as did the hippie movement and serial killers. All were constructed and invited by the CIA and other secret services.


Still, the idea of mind control prevailed as did the continued desire for power and financial gain without limit

Simultaneously, the Beatles appeared on the scene. They were as different and new to the culture as the opening of spiritual consciousness. The unique sound, clean-cut image, personality and chemistry of the band instigated an immediate success, and the money began to flow.


It is a well know fact that some artists are more profitable dead than alive

The Illuminati market, distribute and escalate any financial advantage. In this case, the MI5 and Britain took in revenue from the Beatles immeasurable success. Naturally, this association does not wish to share in their wealth and privilege.

Years of fame and fortune, creation of a counterculture and the rock and roll movement, aligned Illuminati control over the Beatles. Rumors of a young Paul McCartney killed in a car accident circulated.  The Beatles money making machine needed to stay in place. There is a great deal of evidence to prove this might very well be true. Forensic evidence illustrates a difference in facial structure between the original Paul McCartney and the one who may have arrived after a car crash in 1966. Many references to a fake Paul or “Faul” continue to this day.


Often you can hear Paul McCartney refer to himself in the third person

British Government in the 1960’s was busy fighting Soviet spies. Also, the nation was giving up colonies spanning Africa and Europe. The Net worth of what would today equal over several hundred million dollars defined the Beatles value.


Additionally, the Beatles were popular enough to take the focus from the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Mustering a way to re-align the flow of assets might have been a motivation for keeping the rock group in line. Blame, put on the fanatical female teens who many falsely assumed would commit suicide if they had known the truth about the Beatles tragedy.



The Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper albums, hint with the cover photo, lyrics, and songs toward the fact that Paul is dead and replaced with Billy Shears. Billy’s official name is most likely, William Shears Campbell. Shortly after that, the Beatles broke up and went their separate ways.


Meanwhile, the weight of such a massive secret may have taken a toll

Years later after seclusion and time off, John Lennon decided to step back into the spotlight again. The murder of John Lennon occurred immediately before the release of his last album with Yoko Ono. Evidence of the event details a second bullet wound on the left side of his body at point-blank range. Meanwhile, the assumed assailant was a fan who had been standing on John’s right-hand side at least 5 meters behind him.




Assassinations carried out by the CIA, FBI, secret service men from every country in the world, Illuminati, KKK, and any other alias you want to insert, happen every day. Obviously, these jobs are considered serious by the organization. These assignments are executed with complete precision by a team of professional hitmen.

Consequently, there must be a fall guy. Effectively employed mind control tactics convince the patsy of his guilt. In the case of John Lennon, Mark Chapman was the patsy. In a photo taken before the murder, John and Chapman stand together while the fan gets an autograph. Chapman looks happy, unlike a killer. Moreover, he was alone and an easy fall guy to frame.

Another assimilated rumor substantiates that sleeper agent Yoko Ono, kept Lennon in line and occupied. Many say she has masonic symbols all around her home to pay homage to the satanic cult. Considering John Lennon’s celebrity status and his political views, it comes as no surprise that he was under constant surveillance. Constant immigration problems with travel to and from Britain complicated his existence. Indeed these troubles undermined the artist intentionally. The only logical motivation for anyone to murder John Lennon would be to keep the possible secret of the real Paul McCartney’s disappearance.



Most often where there is a conspiracy theory, you will find an “official story” to back up the false one

There is an official story about Whitney Houston and her daughter, Bobbi Brown’s deaths. Jimi Hendrix, Bruce and Brandon Lee, Jim Morrison and many more famous individuals have secrets and inconsistencies surrounding their official death stories. Masked with camouflage and conspiracy, logic and critical thinking can help to sort through all the inconsistent stories.

The primary power structure of ultimate influence over controlling the masses engages film, music and media. Indeed there are numerous clandestine operations behind the scenes that will eventually make their way to public view. One thing is for sure; conspiracy theories don’t just pop out of nowhere.

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