Bond Fraud and the Bank Cartel

There is an evil in this world that we can identify. Its name is the Bank Cartel. However, this name is vast even though you only see two words. The individuals responsible for this well thought out scheme are also many. They have so much power; they will kill anyone who gets in their way, tries to reveal their identities and interferes with their plans. But, because there is now a cohesive group working to undo their sabotage, murder is becoming a difficult venture.

Presidents who tried to go against this group were assassinated. Beginning with Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and the attempt on Ronald Reagan who was not released until he agreed to go along with the scheme.


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The first thing to understand is this didn’t begin yesterday

Yes, it is all hard to believe, but the truth is often stranger than fiction. What is important to understand now, is how this fraud has affected each of our lives, and how we can stop it. While doing my research, I realized how bottomless is this hole. The twists and turns leading in every direction makes it somewhat difficult to follow and even put into words. I will do my best; however, this article is less than the tip of the iceberg. Everyone really should do their research. Although it’s vast, it remains imperative.

The legal and accounting professions have been hired to do the bidding of the bank cartel. This includes governments and political representatives everywhere. Everything and everyone is controlled by them, including you. They are responsible for inflation, brainwashing through media sources, court proceedings, the list just goes on and on.



Although the world bank was set up at the end of World War II, this scheme began well before then

In 1871, the constitution of the United States was secretly thrown away. A covert constitution replaced the original. It essentially pronounced a corporation rules the country. In this way, this bank conglomerate group could control society. The idea of instilling fear in public is a wonderful motivator. It worked for this group for centuries. Religion has a lot to do with this also. Supranational Corporatocracy is the misuse of religion and religious affiliation. This was the second but not lessor idea to instill fear and control the masses. Both have given power beautifully to this assembly.

A group of bankers, mostly British along with the Jesuits created a network of global corporate control. They did this by electing specific people to preside over banks, schools, governments, corporations, military, etc. The same people made decisions based on their agenda for each of the institutions they were heading. They presently control over 43,000 companies. They are responsible for rigging commodity prices, Liber prices, trading securities, and insider information is not illegal for them. It is part of their job description. Additionally, the cartel bought up 40% of the world’s assets and collects 60% of the companies and annual earnings.


Every dollar paid for taxes goes towards the federal debt

This debt was of course created by the bankers. With this money, they pay the CIA, FBI, Presidents, Congress, House, Supreme Court, Police, Military, and every municipal institution that exists to serve its citizens. We all know, they only serve themselves and their own interests.

A change in currency is coming to replace this negligent system. The Federal Reserve has no money and must get the people’s gold back to back any of their paper. By paper, I mean to say fake bonds and paper money. Both of them have no value. There needs to be a reclamation of our constitution and rights as citizens. Our fake legal and accounting systems need to change too. They represent the corporation which is the bankers, not any naturalized citizen.


World Bank and the Vatican work together

There exists a two-tier representation with the world bank. It has a representative board and groups of countries. Two times per year, a meeting of the 25 ministers of finance discuss the state and current economy. The world bank along with the Vatican are hands of the bank cartel that hosts all the world’s gold. They issue loans, bonds, and fake currency to increase debts which for them is more interest.

Their interests include starting wars between countries to control their economies, smuggling drugs to increase more money laundering, selling sex obviously to generate more and ever increasing more money. Any opportunity to put an individual, society or a nation in debt is a wonderful occasion to gain more funds and control more people, communities, governments, and countries.

You can if you try, trace every terror attack back to this conglomerate. They knew there was gold underneath the twin towers and bank bonds were coming due the day after the attack of 9/11. It was not an accident. Today we see terror attacks happening everywhere.

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