Baba Vanga Devastating Predictions Speak About World Events Past, Present, and Future (Video)

Baba Vanga Devastating Predictions Speak About World Events Past, Present, and Future
Baba Vanga Devastating Predictions Speak About World Events Past, Present, and Future

Baba Vanga, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita and Nostradamus have a lot in common

Vanga was born in 1911 in Bulgaria. In those days, children born prematurely were not given names until their lives were sure. Vangelia was premature, and a few names were discussed before deciding on the given name. She had a normal vision at birth.

Growing up was ordinary. However, her father was drafted into the Bulgarian Army at the time of World War I. Her mother died soon after the draft, and as a child, she was dependent on the care and charity of neighbors, close friends, and family. Once the war ended, Vango’s father was stripped of all property.

During her childhood, she recalled an alleged tornado that caught her up and threw her into a field. After a long search, she was found with sand, and other debris covering her eyes. The pain and discomfort resulted in her eventual blindness.


Vanga had the opportunity to learn Braille, play the piano, knit, cook and clean

During the second world war, Vanga began attracting visitors who slowly heard about her ability to heal and predict events. One of her visitors was the Bulgarian tzar, Boris III. At age 31, she married a Bulgarian soldier, Dimitar Gushterov. They moved, and her career took off. Civilians and dignitaries continually visited for counsel. Eventually, she was found to have breast cancer and died at the age of 85 years old.


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After her death, her home was made into a museum

Apparently Baba (which is the name for grandmother in Bulgarian) Vanga had paranormal abilities. Even though she was blind, this seemed to add to her merit. She was the perfect picture of the blind prophetess and corralled much admiration, respect, and awe from her followers. When she reached major news headlines in 1989, her fame surmounted.

Many of her predictions came true, however not all of them. Regarding the terror attack of 9/11, she said “horror, horror, the American brothers will be attacked by steel birds. Walls will be howling in a bush.”

Some interpreted this to be about the twin towers being hit by airplanes and that President Bush would be the one to take care of it. Of course looking back it’s easy to see how this might fit perfectly.


Vanga also predicted the Tsunami of 2004 and the rise of ISIS

She also talked about the last president of the United States is an African American who would bring economic downfall from which the country would not recover. She added the final United States President would be a sort of messiah type personality. The people will hope in him, but there will be a split between the north and south.

Additionally, she puts forth the prediction of a massive Muslim war that will overthrow Europe. This war will bring famine, drought and severe suffering throughout Europe. A wasteland would cover most of the world.

  • Muslim rule will take over Rome by the year 2043.
  • A nuclear war will ignite between the United States and North Korea.
  • North Korea and South Korea will join forces and create alliances.
  • The President of the United States will disappear, and the Arabs will launch World War 3.


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