Award Winning Viral Animation Creator Offers Thought-Provoking New Masterpiece “Happiness”

Awe-inspiring new viral animation from award winner Steve Cutts | Image and video credits: Steve Cutts via Youtube

Award Winning Viral Animation Creator Offers Thought-Provoking New Masterpiece
Award Winning Viral Animation Creator Offers Thought-Provoking New Masterpiece "Happiness"

Steve Cutts has released a new thought-provoking animation “Happiness” following on the tail of his viral animation “Man” and his award-winning music video collaborations with Moby


Despite winning awards for his viral animations, Steve Cutts remains humble, letting his creativity alone impart his thought-provoking messages for the 21st century. Cutts latest release is entitled Happiness, which continues the dystopian theme of many of his other animations which query humanity’s obsession with consumerism.


YOUTUBE(Steve Cutts):


Millions of viewers were blown away over the past few years when they watched Cutt’s previous viral works. The artist and sculptor had such magnificent success with his animations that Simpsons creators chose him to create an industry-coveted opening gag for the show. Additionally, Cutt’s talent so enchanted American musician Moby that he asked him to design animations for two of his music videos.


Cutt’s most recognizable animation to date spread like wildfire through the internet

In he animation entitled Man, Cutt depicted the arrogant narcissism of humanity, and our species desecration of all living beings, and our planet.  But with Happiness, Cutt shows humankind in a different light.  By using the theme of the rat-race, he shows how we are slaves to consumerism.



The animation opens with a naked rat scurrying across the screen. However, he soon joins an overwhelming blurry mass of his kind all rushing forward, some now dressed in human clothing. A bloated population of rats rushes to catch a train to nowhere. Flashing around them subliminal messages pervade the  advertising, pushing a message of consumerism.


Advertisements of famous brands line almost every available space, their names altered to things like “happiness” or “joy”

Cutts alludes to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World by branding the soft-drink as Soma. In Huxley’s famous novel, the rich used the infamous drug Soma on the poor to dumb them down and keep them passive. Clearly, Cutts is suggesting that our society is the revelation of Huxley’s prophecy.

A rat emerges from amongst the throng, a battered salesman who has survived the blood sport of Black Friday sales. The world is gray, and back to front. However, his despair alleviates momentarily with the purchase of a shiny new car.


Nevertheless, inevitably, his happiness is short-lived. Quickly, he lands in traffic. Immediately a cop hands him a ticket and thugs steal his tires and graffiti his car.


Cutt then shows the rat seeking elusive happiness in all the false avenues that our consumer society promises us

Our despairing rat hero pursues alcohol, sex, pharmaceuticals and chasing the elusive dollar as a corporate drone. Finally, Cutt asks the viewer to think for themselves as the animation draws to a close. Happiness is clearly a futile ambition. What then is the alternative? Any human who thinks long and heard enough, and peers deep enough into their heart and soul will surely find they know the answer.


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Image and video credits: Steve Cutts via Youtube