La La Land is a modern musical classic

Just like the musicals of old, La La Land puts you back there with the singing and dancing. It is a tribute in its right. Although the acting is more present and compelling, both actors convey distinctly different concerns. Their coming together in a romance is oddly disconnected while simultaneously effectual.

Emma Stone plays Mia. A struggling actress is grasping for opportunity while trying to keep a sense of herself. Her attraction to Seb, Ryan Gossling, is acknowledged while dancing and singing. It stirs their romance. However, Gossling’s character Seb is very real in his convictions. The idea of staying true to your values while still maintaining a job and career. He must compromise at every turn even though it goes against his grain, if not for the beautiful muse Mia to keep him grounded.




As the audience, we get to see the seasons change and the colors and scenery is a sight for sore eyes. There is no question La La is a quality film. Incredible set design, lighting, and focus are a part of every scene. For some reason, the chemistry on set between the actors simply did not ignite for me. Separately their parts were well played and choreographed to perfection. However, something was missing. I might be the only one to say that considering how many awards and the amount of recognition the film received.

The inspiration for the movie has come from movies similar to Singing in the Rain as a motivation from which meticulous movies are made. Nevertheless, somewhere along the way, this movie missed its mark.


Golden Globe Awards

The Golden Globe Award Ceremony set a new record. This film received nominations in seven different categories at once. Directed by Damien Shazell, La La Land did get recognition where it was due. La La Land is truly an amazing work of art.

It relates to the audience the story of two people. A promising young actress who attends many screen tests where she constantly receives rejections. The other is a fanatical old-school jazz musician who is aching to open his club so he can perform jazz the way it was meant to be, according to him. Meanwhile, he must work in bars catering to his bosses and compromising his values.



Nevertheless, the heartwarming meeting between the two soon blossoms into true love. But first, they must survive tests that bring reality into perspective while simultaneously risk losing that which has become most important, each other.

La La Land highlights a very holistic and harmonious element perfectly. The deep story opens from the seemingly simple to make the viewer think about the values of our choices. Are they the right choices and is it possible to achieve a dream only through one path or is it possible to find another? Achieving goals is not the main priority.

The story is brilliantly complemented by the mood, art, and timekeeping throughout the movie. Additionally, the film was shot with each frame taken into account as if a moment in time stood still.

Both Ryan Gossling and Emma Stone present excellent, neat and perfect appearances in each frame. Colors reflected and emphasized the moods of the characters. Each emotion brought to life with color. Colors to intensify sadness, loneliness, love and any reality happening while consistently allowing an enjoyable romantic picture.




The music is highly impressive, and the variance of jazz styles is notable

Although the film may not be recommended for everyone, especially those who don’t like a musical style, it stands indisputably as one of the nicest pieces of art the film industry has produced in a long time. It deserves a high evaluation and the awards it received.

Ryan Gossling admits the difficulty he had with his part. He understood jazz and blues have its origins in the black arena of the soul. He found it unrealistic that a white jazz musician could maintain this dedication without any notice, reference or appearance of its origins.

Having dreams is an important part of human growth and keeps us moving forward. At the same time, it is within the stride forward and the push to continue that we learn the most about ourselves. Once the goal has been reached, it is most often a letdown. Mia demonstrates these moments where she feels all levels of feelings about what she most wants, and where she is at the moment. We can see from her perspective the battle that must wage within each of us.

This movie is a walk-away-and-feel-good movie. It is entertaining, and all the color, movement, voice, lighting, and artwork make it a modern musical classic. It will stand the test of time.


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