Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Supermodel Jasmin Shojai Poses Nude in Diamond Jewellery

In recent photos it’s glitz and glamour, but this time the star has nothing to hide. Literally!   Jasmin Shojai stuns us all again in yet...

OMG! Chinese Teenager Attempts Virginity Sale for iPhone 8!

OMG! Chinese Teenager Attempts Virginity Sale for iPhone 8!
17-year-old Xiao Chen was so desperate to own an iPhone 8 that she found herself fearing for her life when attempting to sell her...

OMG! Experts Claim BDSM Good For Mental Health!

OMG! Experts Claim BDSM Good For Mental Health!
BDSM conjures sinister images of sickening violence in the minds of the unaware. However, it may ironically disturb you to find out that experts...

In-Flight Sexual Assaults Often Unreported, Airlines Need to Step Up

Prospective flight attendants listen to their instructor during an etiquette training course at Indigo Airlines' Ifly training centre in Gurgaon
By Jamie Freed and Aditi Shah SINGAPORE/NEW DELHI (Reuters) When a 17-year-old Bollywood actress took to social media this week alleging she was sexually assaulted on...

OMG! Waddling Into History – Huge Ancient Penguin Inhabited New Zealand

Kumimanu biceae, an ancient penguin, is pictured in comparison to a human diver in this handout artist's reconstructionvideo
By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters)  Scientists have unearthed in New Zealand fossil bones of what might be the heavyweight champion of the penguin world A bird nearly...

British Princes Join Jedi Knights at ‘Star Wars’ Premiere in London

Britain's Prince William and Prince Harry, arrive for the European Premiere of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi', at the Royal Albert Hall in central London
LONDON (Reuters)  Britain's Princes William and Harry joined the cast of the new film "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," in which the royal brothers both...