Assistant Football Coach’s Wife Ruthlessly Rapes Troubled Teen

Wife of assistant football coach abuses teen football player

Assistant Football Coach's Wife Ruthlessly Rapes Troubled Teen
Assistant Football Coach's Wife Ruthlessly Rapes Troubled Teen

Teen football player gets raped by his coach’s wife


Assistant Football coach Justin McCarter, was concerned about his players back in 2015. One of his students was struggling in school and displaying behavior issues. In an effort to help and mentor his 16-year-old student, McCarter and his wife took the boy into their home along with his older brother.

Over a period of time, McCarter’s wife, Kelsey, began a sexual relationship with the underage teen. Kelsey admitted to intimate rendezvous with the lad on at least six occasions. Kelsey is 27 and committed statutory rape. Noted was an incident when Mrs. McCarter was driving the student to his mother’s home to return to her care. In the car, on the way, Kelsey used her victim one last time. Additionally, she sent the victim a topless video of herself.





Scandal at the School

The scandal affected the Knoxville school where Justin McCarter worked. The principal Tim Berry and assistant principle Clark Duncan did not immediately report the incident. Because of their delay, they were put on administrative leave. Justin McCarter resigned from his position as coach and had shown tremendous support for his wife.

Kelsey decided rather than go through the uncertainty of a jury trial; a plea bargain was in her best interest. With a possible jail sentence of 38 years looming, she admitted responsibility for her crime. She has hopes of appealing to a parole board after a three-year sentence.


Lawyer advises plea bargain

Her lawyer, admits she didn’t want to take the chance of serving a long prison sentence. He insists she is sorry and mostly apologetic to her family for putting them through this embarrassment. Her husband stands along with them in her support.

Meanwhile, there is no sign of remorse over hurting an innocent child. Her statement does not reflect any compassion towards her victim and his possible abuse. Nor does it address the damage to his family. Clearly, he was a child with problems. That was the reason the coach brought him in, to begin with. Kelsey McCarter took advantage of the situation and the minor.

The question must be asked if this is, was and will be a one-time offense propagated by Kelsey McCarter. She didn’t express regret about her abuse.


Therefore, what would stop her from doing it again to another child?

Currently, the child’s name and identity are being protected, at least something is. He is back home living with his mother and brother. They have both transferred to a different high school. The scandal has greatly affected the school administration and McCarter family.

It’s just a shame Kelsey McCarter only feels concern for putting her own family through the scandal. The boy she abused is not her concern. This should be an indication of the intentions of Mrs. McCarter. It is of huge concern that she will repeat this abuse against another victim.


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